Stock issues delaying subscription delivery?


ok thanks. will check back in case updates.


Anyone who got an email regarding delay is lucky. I ordered on 5th November and gave paid my dues. Have had all kinds of welcome emails and confirmation emails so no problem with spam. I emailed huel to ask about delivery - no reply. Kind of wish I hadn’t bothered buying the stuff now. So when will I get my order delivered to UK and why are you advertising on TV if you have no supply.


Hey Lesley, we’re obviously so sorry and we’re doing everything we can to mitigate and manage people’s expectations. Could you just double check all the inboxes, emails aren’t just filtered by sender address but by content too. We have absolutely emailed everyone, and as you ordered at 8:30pm you would be in this group.

In addition, I’m so sorry the message was missed on the product page when you ordered, we’ve popped it right above the button so that you know what to expect.


At this stage we can’t do anything else other than apologise.


Hey Tim. Nope nothing in spam. However I know now that this situation exists. I assume that since I ordered on the 5th that my huel should arrive on the 12th which is incidentally my 67th birthday. :smile: no doubt you will weather this storm and every one will live you again. Looking forward to trying your Huel.
Kind regards

Lesley finch

Btw tactful way of saying did I not see your notice. I went the long way round buying your product having taken advantage of someone’s £10 reduction and it never took me past this again though i did email saying I thought I had seen it and could someone clarify. Also though £35 may not sound a lot to lay out it is almost 25% of my weekly pension so I was a bit worried.