No customer service or response to email form - RESOLVED


I placed my order (#175098) on 08/26/18 and my card was debited at 3.38am. According to your FAQ’s, orders placed before 12pm will be dispatched the same day.

It’s now 2 days later and no change!! I have a huel shortage (no pun intended) and need my order ASAP!!

Also, does anyone actually respond to inquiries from your web form???

Can someone provide an update please??


I presume you are American, and in case you did not realise this is the UK forum, so while Huel staff will likely respond it won’t be until tomorrow our time now. You might be better off posting on the USA forum,

Actually a Brit in America… anyway, heres how to identify to the UK and US forums:


Great identification guys!!

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We do get quite a few Americans posting here. @Tim_Huel I know you have nothing else to do, but how about a single forum with sub forums for each geographical area you want to separate?

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I thought we had caught another user from USA… But as he did not mention scoops or lack thereof I wasn’t sure.


Well it seems your US operations is a shambles. I’ve placed my order 3 days ago, the product has not been dispatched, I’ve had no response to a US and UK forum post, 1 x web form submission, 1 x email and 1 x Messenger IM via Facebook. There’s no phone number and a string of order processing complaints regarding non-responsive customer services and missing bags from order boxes.

I mean seriously this is not rocket science!!! How difficult it is to put bags in boxes and dispatch!! Upon investigating your US address, it appears they are running out of a non-permanent "We works"office space.

I would like an answer to the status of my order within 24 hours.

Huel should move order fulfillment to Amazon and adjust the current pricing if you’re not capable of doing it yourselves!!!

I’ve got a feeling of deja vu. I am sure I already read this cheerful missive.

@djsimonc I really don’t know anything about the operations over in the US but I’m sure 99% of the time they get it right. Is it really so unacceptable to people that companies are just made up of other people just like themselves and occasionally we all fuck up? Do we really live in a world where waiting a couple extra days for the convenience of having food delivered to us makes us want to drag a company’s name through the mud? I’m sorry you didn’t get your order yet mate but don’t be an asshat, like always they will apologise and you will get what you asked for, but let me just tell you something (because they definitely won’t): this is not a victory for you. You are not a victim. You are not showing some “big corporation” who’s boss. Just because you can come on here and rant and rave to get their attention, doesn’t mean you should. You don’t magically make the fuck up disappear and you make someone else’s life that little bit more miserable, it’s lose-lose.


@RyanT Yeah, thanks for the lecture “mate”. If I wanted your opinion i’d have asked for it, you jumped up millennial snowflake. If you’d like to take your head out of your ass for 5 mins and take a look at the USA forum, you’ll see a string of multiple complaints regarding unfulfilled orders, mis-packed deliveries and numerous statements from other customers regarding non-respondent customer service. There is something very wrong with the processing system that end especially where customers change their subscriptions online.

I gave them every opportunity to respond from multiple attempts with civil enquiry. When as a customer, I’ve still got no response after 2 days, I have every right to come on to their forum and vent.

Fortunately (and this information is not for your benefit sunshine), after emailing the founder, within an hour, I’d received a response to my initial web form enquiry and a phone call from a US representative to resolve the issue to my satisfaction.

Now go back to the shit Netflix show you were watching and mind your own fucking business.

Hey there, thanks for the message, really pleased to hear that this was resolved by Sothan within a day of you first contacting us on Facebook. We answer customer service issues (social and email) in chronological order so got to yours as soon as we could. Really sorry that you had an issue with how we have articulated our delivery time.

I’ve been in touch with the US team regarding this. I believe US orders ship within 3 days, as per our confirmation email, so if that’s inaccurate we’ll get it changed. Thank you very much for raising.


I don’t think there’s a need to identify them in the URL because you cannot access the US forum from the UK website and visa versa. Did you google search the forum? I see from your post on that you found both within 15 mins of each other though. Perhaps a useful sticky header might be the best solution.

I understand you are frustrated and I’m glad your enquiry has been resolved. Thank you for choosing Huel. But please take a moment to read the Rules of the Forum, this is a civil place for discussion and not for name calling. You issue is not with other members of the forum but with Huel. The forum is not primarily a customer service platform but a place for debate and discussion around Huel, nutrition and more, so by posting to the forum it is by definition the business of everyone present in the forum. This is a very positive environment and please keep it as such.

Thanks for the suggestion, I don’t consider this the UK forum, although I imagine there are many from the UK specifically. The USA is huge and requires it’s own forum so that the team in the USA can give tailored advice. Products, production, fulfilment are all vastly different to the UK so it makes sense to keep them separate. Weirdly, I opened up subcategories for Sweden, France and Spain (under Global) yesterday so we can get this a more international forum.


Haha I guess some people really do know everything huh, I’ll consider myself “schooled” :joy: