Not Happy 😒

Waiting for my first delivery from Huel and its not arrived, had all the emails telling me delivery times but it has not arrived, not happy, first and maybe last order!

It’s probably not Huel’s fault though…but the courier…they are a menace.

I mean Huel could use a different courier, but they’ll be equally bad (or worse).

ps. which Dwarf are you? Grumpy I think.


With all due respect you don’t know me so quit with the name calling and yes you probably are right but a phone call would of been useful

To be fair making a thread saying this maybe your last order because whichever carrier did not deliver your order on schedule is not really fair on Huel is it. All carriers shaft people and it’s immensely annoying when it happens but we all have to use them.

I presume you have contacted the carrier directly to ask where it is and what is going on?

If you can’t resolve it directly with the carrier Huel will step if you provide your order number etc but you’re likely to be able to resolve it yourself quicker by speaking with the carrier.


It might be the carriers fault but its still a reflection on the supplier

Only because you made this thread. And you haven’t actually said if you have contacted the carrier yourself or said anything constructive about getting hold of your parcel. Seems all you want to do is moan about it.


Sorry about that. I am sure the Huel will be with you shorty… I mean shortly.





Absolutely no complaints here. I live in Cheshire, UK. Dispatch from Huel is impressively fast, even when I squeezed in a last minute order a few minutes before the deadline of 9pm last night, and so far DPD have been spot on with next day delivery.


Hey Stuart, sorry to hear there was a delay to your order. I see it arrived on Thursday though - hurrah! If you ever have problems in future with your order/delivery then don’t hesitate to email us on and we’ll jump right on it. As you can see here, although I try to keep up with the posts here, some can be missed. Posts to the forum are almost always answered slower than direct correspondence with our customer service team - the forum is a place for discussion/debate as opposed to customer service enquiries.

I hope you’re loving your Huel and again, so sorry you got yours later than expected.


So the delivery was made on the scheduled day then?

No, order was placed October 16, 2018 at 6:42am so it should have arrived on Wednesday 17th.