Delivery Times UK

Hi on the Huel site it says i should receive an email from DPD courier service on the day of delivery (today) and i can change my delivery time if need be, what time did people get this email? i have yet to receive it and i need to head out to work soon so i am conscious i will miss my delivery of lovely Huel :frowning:

You get…the following emails

Day of order
Order # xxxxx confirmed
Your subscription confirmation from Huel (if you’ve subbed)

Your Huel order is due for delivery on xxx March 2018

Then on the day…

Your Huel order will be delivered today between xx:52-xx:52 (*one hour slot) so yes if you’re at work, you’re going to miss it…

yeah i have a conformation of order email. Nothing yet about when it will be delivered, when i click the various ‘tracking’ links it just says no results found, also on my order page on my account on Huel it states that the order has been ‘fulfilled’ does this translate as delivered?

Update: The parcel arrived just after i left for work, luckily there was someone there to accept it, received no notification from DPD however.