Huel and DPD are too efficient!

Well what can i say…
On the Huel website is says if you order before 8pm you will get your delivery the next day, thats amazing in any company offering free delivery…

So it was a Thursday and knowing i will be at work all day on the Friday as im a key worker, I did a bit of simple math and worked out, based on facts on the Huel website, if I order after 8pm I’ll get my order sometime saturday… perfect as I’ll be home all day

Well, what a suprise i was in for!!!
Placed my order after 8pm Thursday and it is now 9:30am Friday and i have just had a message from DPD saying my Huel has been delivered :open_mouth:

Thats my items ordered/paid/delivered in less than 13 hours

So now my plans are ruined, im in the office and all i want to do is go home and open my box but i cant
Thanks Huel and DPD… ruined everything #firstworldproblems


Oh no!! That’s super speedy, perhaps we need to update the page with a warning - soon we’ll have orders flying through doors as soon as you click ‘checkout’. Sorry though if there was any inconvenience caused, you don’t need to be home to receive your order, just select that ‘safe place’ option on the DPD app and you’ll be golden!

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Yeah i set up the DPD app and selected a safe place and a neighbour to advoid
It was really simple and jeeps you updated every step of the way

Thanks Huel for a trouble free order

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I agree with you. The ordering and delivery is incredible. Behind this efficiency lies robust IT systems which make it all happen. I’ve said this before but DPD are brilliant and you get a warm smile when they chap on your door.


Huel delivery is officially faster than Covid19