Meet your Customer Support Team!

Hey everyone,

With a lot of Customer Support queries popping up on the forum lately, we thought we should give you a quick intro to the team and what it is that we do to help you guys on your Huel Journey!

The UK team is made up of 8 people including ourselves, Matt & Olivia, who lead the team here. We are still a relatively small team but are quickly expanding. This time last year, there was only 4 of us!

We are, of course, responsible for answering your emails and phone calls however we also respond to all of your hilarious Facebook comments, Tweets and Instagram messages. These messages can be anything from nutrition advice to shipping problems so we have ensured we have an incredibly knowledgeable team at hand to assist you at every opportunity.

I’m sure you’re thinking this is a lot of channels for such a small team…it is! This is why we are working so hard to develop our team and our processes in order to support our Huelers in the best way we can.

We would love to hear your feedback, suggestions and questions, so let us know your thoughts! Feel free to comment on this post or drop us an email to or

For those who have kindly volunteered to join Huel, we’d genuinely love to hear from you if you fancy joining our team!

All the best,

Olivia & Matt x



Guys, when you actually do customer support, as most of us here know, you get it 100% right. The frustration comes when you don’t get round to it for 10 days! Good to know the team is growing and actively hiring, hopefully things become a bit more efficient. Thanks for being transparent with us in typical Huel style!


Hi Team Huel :slight_smile:
You definitely need to find a way to respond to everyone’s emails within 48hrs, even if it’s only to acknowledge receipt of it, prioritise it, and give a target resolution time.
You can’t leave people for days or weeks with no response at all, and then tell them if they chase it (ie email again) they have been dumped back at the bottom of the queue.

Maybe having separate email addresses for different queries might help, for example:
-urgent time-critical queries relating to orders / subscriptions (needing to change or cancel)
-issues/problems with deliveries (not received, received damaged, incorrect goods etc)
-feedback & suggestions
-general enquiries


Thanks Ryan, we really do appreciate that. We absolutely love chatting with our Huelers and we understand how frustrating it is when we aren’t able to reply as quickly as normal.

Every single email and every single customer is important and we work chronologically to get to everyone as quickly as we can. The whole team are working super hard to get to everyone!

48 hours is a great target but eventually, we are aiming to be much better than that! Unfortunately, recent circumstances and record sales have lead to some email backlog but once this bump in the road is overcome, we can work even harder on reducing those response times.

The development team & I have actually been working on a new contact form for customers that should help do exactly what you suggest - so keep your eyes out for that too!

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I personally have always had excellent and timely response from the team - to all kinds of emails (help change my order for me! To general questions), so I’ve had a very positive experience.
Other people are understandably getting frustrated after days / weeks of waiting for resolutions.
Great to hear the team is growing :grin::ok_hand:t2:

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All sounds very positive, Olivia (and Matt), thanks! I too, have had nothing but good service from Huel but I can well understand the frustration that must inevitably result from such a backlog.


@hunzas As if they read our posts :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I thought they were all at the pub

Did she say from where they work? :rofl:


We work in Tring. Whether the our desks are within a pub or not, I cannot confirm nor deny…


Out of curiosity, what is the current response time for email support?

There isn’t a straight forward answer to that question (at least right now). It depends on your region, the language you’ve contacted us in, the day you contact us and the nature of your question.

We get a lot of delivery questions which require us to reach out to our fulfilment centres and DPD before we can answer the question and naturally these take a little longer!

Sorry I can’t more specific right now but I hope it gives you some idea.