If you have a question about your order, delivery or upcoming deliveries please email team@huel.com

If you have a question about your order, delivery or upcoming deliveries please WhatsApp us or email team@huel.com

You will be put in touch with our amazing customer service team who will be able to resolve your issue faster than any post to the forum will.

The purpose of the forum is to have great conversations and polite debate about Huel and Huel-adjacent topics.

99% of the people on the forum are Huel customers. As such it is not appropriate for this to be a customer service platform since 99% of people won’t be able to help with issues such as:

  • missing items from order
  • late delivery
  • bad experience with courier
  • unfulfilled orders

We want this to be an active community full of useful information and interesting conversation around Huel, and Huel-adjacent topics like nutrition, health and sustainability.

If the forum is instead filled with very specific problems with people’s orders then it no longer becomes useful.

If you are having these problems then please contact us on one of our many customer service channels. These are covered full time Monday-Friday with reduced service over the weekend, unless otherwise stated below:

  • UK - team@huel.com
  • US - support@huel.com
  • Twitter @ huel
  • Instagram direct messages @ huel
  • Facebook direct messages @ huel
  • Live Chat if based in UK (8-5pm BST/GMT)
  • Phone if UK based - 01296 678516 (9-5pm BST/GMT)
  • Live Chat if based in USA (8-5pm EST/EDT)
  • Phone if USA based - +16196483086 (9-5pm EST/EDT)

Topics which are acceptable are in circumstances where the answer may benefit the wider group. For example:

  • How do I add something to my subscription - the answer to this many people might want the answer to
  • I don’t like the flavour of my Huel what can I do to change it - the forum is a hub for this sort of knowledge

The Huel admins will be the judge of topics which are appropriate or not and due to an influx of customer service posts we will be replying and then locking posts which don’t fit in with these guidelines.

Let’s keep the forum fun and interesting for everyone.