Min. 9 days delivery

My first order took 10 days to be delivered. My second order - dont know yet. Ordered and paid 4 days ago but the order have not been handled/sent yet. Live on busy Costa del Sol in Europe’s tourist capital Malaga. Will NOT recomend anyone to order Huel. Absolutley no logistic.

Hi there, thanks for the message and for raising this. I’m sorry that you don’t feel like you’ve received a good delivery service here. I’ve just checked out your order history and it appears that your second order was placed on Friday 18th at 9:51pm, so currently is sat at 4 total days but only 1 and a half working days. On our website we explain it can take 3-7 working days for orders to arrive in Spain.


I can’t find any details about your first order, but obviously so sorry it took 10 working days to get to you, that definitely falls below our standards. Fire across your order number for the first order and I will chase this up to see what happened.

I would be happy if it only took 4 days but my order has not been handeled/processed yet after two full working days. Last time I ordered Friday April 27, confirmed and sent Wednesday May 2 (five days!!!) and delivered Monday May 7. Order#3372-EU

… I think the problem is in Germany where EU-orders are processed.

Got a little delay with my order too, it was sent on the 3rd working day (and then it took the usual 2 days for international shipment). But it’s ok, I will consider it and order in advance next time. :slight_smile:
(10 days is a lot, though).

Saturday and Sunday are not working days :slight_smile:

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Obviously really sorry that you don’t think our delivery is fast enough. I would love it if if took 4 working days too but unfortunately we can’t guarantee this.

Last time you ordered April 28, 2018 at 1:02am and it was delivered Monday 7th at 19:08. So it took 6 working days (M, Tu, W, Th, F, M) which is in line with our expected delivery times, noted above, to Spain.

We don’t say that your order will be dispatched/processed in x days as we can’t guarantee that. From the moment you order you should in most cases receive your order within 7 working days.

I hope this clears it up, we absolutely would like to send your parcel faster and will work constantly to improve our amazing customers’ experience, so thanks for raising this.

Second order #4738-EU, delivery worse than the first one. 11 FULL DAYS from order to delivery - AT THE BEST (not delivered yet) - to a large European city with a population above 1 million, Malaga in Spain.

Ordered Friday May 18. Order confirmation May 23 (in the evening). FIVE DAYS just to pack the order (in Germany)!! A day later a message from UPS telling me that my parcel will be delivered Monday May 28. Just logged in to UPS, has been changed without notice to late Tuesday May 29 (anytime during the 24 hours - you better be home - do not leave your house!).
For real?
Folks, if you live in Europe (outside UK) there are a lot of similar products to Huel where they have there logistics in order.

I cant get what ever I want offered online - from a car to a pink flute - delivered within 48 hours (usually 24 hours) with one exception - a bag of Hule! It will take at least 250 hours (to major towns in Spain).

I am sure Hues representatives will explain it with working days, bank holidays, bad hair day etc. You know, that is not important. What matters is the client experience.

Was it? It might have been, however you’ve already lied about at least one previous order. I’m not sure what sort of support you expect on this forum from fellow Huel consumers when we all know you struggle with recognising what’s real & what isn’t, to put it more politely than you deserve. If you have a real issue contact customer services directly. Now go away & stop cluttering my mailbox with your rubbish.

BTW I imagine Tim will delete this response to your drivel because Huel have a policy of everyone being polite & respectful on this forum. He’s a nice guy. Trying to help you.

I should not bother reply on your accusation but I will anyway. Staff have my (two) order numbers and have confirmed status (here). I am not sure how I can lie. Moreover; why should I? If I was happy with the delivery time there is no reason to complain, is it? I am sure Huel staff are happy to get feedback. Just because someone not only praising and agree on a subject does not mean it has to be erased in a healthy democratic world.

PS. 11 days at the best (all days in the calendar). As I wrote. Not delivered yet. #4738-EU

6 working days. Again, in line with our expected delivery time to Spain. Your order was placed May 18, 2018 at 9:51pm (past our cut-off of 1030am). So the working days here were:

Tuesday 22nd (Monday 21st was a public holiday)
Friday 25th
Monday 28th
29th - your order was delivered at 6:51 P.M.

This is completely different. Of course your experience is important, but in this case we have done absolutely everything we can you tell you exactly how long your delivery will take prior to you placing the order and we have delivered on those promises. There sometimes are times when we don’t, due to stock issues, weather and more, but in both your cases this was not the case. We delivered your parcel in the expected time to Spain.

We want to improve this so your feedback is super valuable to us. We are always negotiating with packing teams to give you better service. For example getting staff to work on public holidays, extending cut off times etc. So this will get better but right now it can take up to 7 working days to get to Spain. Sorry you don’t think this is acceptable.