UK delivery in 18 hours

Ordered about 5pm yesterday and delivered before 11am, order correct. The advantage of being in same country to get the fulfilment nailed down is evident. Here I was thinking I’d have to wait til Monday!


when it works it works - my deliveries are literally on the other side of the world and always touch down in less than 48 hours after ordering.

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The fastest delivery I ever had was about 10hrs! Ordered at 11.30pm. Assumed I’d missed the cut-off for dispatch that day. Arrived 9.30am next morning!! I’m not sure delivery needs to be quite that fast but it was certainly impressive :grin:


Wow that’s quick! I thought the 36 hour delivery I had the weekend before Christmas was impressive.

I once bought some as batteries from amazon and accidentally didn’t untick the same day delivery option. It was a Sunday. They arrived approximately 1hr after I ordered. Confused the hell out of me!! (And made me a bit grumpy when I realised I paid more for delivery than for the item :face_with_raised_eyebrow:)
Online shopping is getting more ‘instant’ every day.

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I usually tend to get my Huel deliveries (I live in London) within less than 24 hours. It’s great!

I have no complaints. Considering the distance from Huel to Edinburgh, I am amazed how quickly it is delivered. The driver even offers to carry the boxes into the house. Complete with a friendly smile. Yes, they do a fantastic job.

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Is that all? Mine even prepares a couple of Huel shakes and sticks them in the fridge for me.


Is that all? Mine does all that and then she Hoovers and cleans my flat then gives me a bed bath.

Happy Birthday.

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Huel cake :+1: cheers

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Happy birthday! @Ian42

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Thanks @Bee :clinking_glasses::cake::cake: