Impressive delivery speed

Very impressed by the speed of delivery!

Ordered last night at 6.30pm, received this morning at 9.30am. All for free!

Please keep the free, next day delivery guys, it’s really good.


Me too. Great service

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Yes, I received my first delivery the next day. Superb. Tastes good as well…

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Big Granola order (21 boxes, perhaps the last ones in stock, neverending sadness :disappointed_relieved: ) + bars, ordered yesterday at 13:00, received today à 15:00.
In the middle of a lockdown period, with lots of company closed or semi-closed, Huel + DPD manage to deliver within 24H, here to France.
Just one word : wow. :ok_hand: :sunglasses:


I ordered last Sunday night at 8PM and it was dispatched on Monday and I received it yesterday, Tuesday. Very good to be fair in these dark times and with staff going off sick. Well done and thanks for the hard work. Be safe. :+1::grinning: