No Saturday delivery?

The delivery page ( says the following:
“All UK Mainland orders for powder and 16 bar boxes placed before 9pm Friday (excluding bank holidays) can be upgraded to Saturday delivery for £2.00.”

However when I tried to order 4 bags of powder at 8pm on Friday, there was no Saturday delivery option:

Can anyone explain why?


Update: I have now received an email from DPD telling me that they will deliver my Huel tomorrow. Does this mean that the delivery information page is wrong, i.e. Saturday delivery is now free of charge?

Can’t really answer for sure - but it seems so. The website also states that they do not dispatch on a Sunday, so if you place an order Sunday, it will be dispatched Monday and delivered Tuesday.
However I placed my first order at 8.45pm Sunday night (this is a couple months ago now), and they dispatched it about 15minutes later and it arrived Monday morning!!
Now that’s service…!
Maybe it just depends what staff they have on at weekends.
And we got lucky!

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Hey there! The part you’ve quoted I can’t find on the site, where did you read that? This is what the delivery questions section says:

When will I receive my order?

Orders over £20

For UK Mainland, if you order before 9pm Monday-Friday, the great news is you’ll receive your items the next day. If you order after 9pm on a Friday, your items will be delivered on Monday.

So as long as you order before 9pm Friday, orders over £20 to Mainland UK will be delivered Saturday. There are some delays to orders at the moment due to the quantity.

The quote I gave was from the link in my original post. I screenshotted it:

However as a new user I was only allowed to upload one image in my post. It seems the page has now been updated, and if that was because of a member of staff reading my post, then you’re welcome :smirk:


Some and some. It seems like there was huge backlog on orders, so the option wasn’t made available at check out but perhaps info wasn’t updated on all areas of the website. Then after your post I raised it and it was finalised.

Thanks for raising with us, always really helpful for us!

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Just tried to place my latest order and the Saturday shipping option is missing, again. Emailed support, no response, tried to buy Huel on Amazon and it’s not listed on there anymore. Very frustrating, does anyone know what’s going on with the Saturday option? It’s the only way I can get a delivery.

Thanks in advance.


As long as you order before 9pm Friday, orders over £20 to Mainland UK will be delivered Saturday.

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I’m sure I’ve tried this before and the delivery arrived on Monday.

When you order, can’t you just use the DPD tracking information to then login and upgrade your delivery day to Saturday directly with DPD??

Possibly, but it’s likely a lot more than the £2 Huel were charging for Saturday delivery. I’ve had an email in to Huel’s customer support for several days now, I’d really like to know why they’ve removed this option, but I’ve still heard nothing back. This is the first issue I’ve had with Huel, got to say I’m not impressed with their support so far. I hope it improves.

Where are you based, Lee? @Flenjo’s comments are correct.

Wait, you mean you can only receive an order on Saturday (presumably when someone is at your house)? In that case, you can place your order then amend the delivery date with in the DPD app.

I’m based in Doncaster, Yorkshire. I got a response from customer services, they said that if I order on Friday before 9pm it will be delivered on Saturday. I’ll give this a go I guess. Thanks for everyone’s help.