Huel sunday order

Hey, im not sure if any of you know, but i orderd my huel this morning, it says next day delivery and it doesnt mention any cutoffs or the fact that it has to be monday-friday. Does that mean my Huel will arrive tomorrow?


Technically no… They usually take orders up to about 8pm I think (or it could be 9pm) Monday to Saturday and then deliver next working day.

BUT I ordered yesterday, about 10pm and received my order today on a Sunday!

So they do sometimes seem to fulfil orders around the clock.

You will get an email telling you when your order has been dispatched.
And the parcel will show as active in the DPD app (if you’re in the UK) as soon as the orders been fulfilled.
Lately these emails seem to get sent out at like 1 or 2 am so you should see it in your inbox in the morning.
If you don’t get an email tonight then it’s likely the order will be shipped Monday to arrive Tuesday

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I ordered after 8pm on a Friday amd got my order confirmation.
I received my order on the following Sunday but didn’t received a dispatch email till after I received the delivery.

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