Is 9pm really the cut off for next day delivery?

Made an order at 8.52 pm last night and shortly after was told that my order has been shipped. However, I haven’t received any further emails or updates from either Huel or DPD.

Wondering what’s going on…

I’ve placed one at 20:58 before now and it arrived promptly at 10:15 the next day.

I did feel a little bad for whoever saw the order come in two minutes before they were due to clock off and go home, but I needed feeding :slight_smile:

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I have experienced this before where I got the DPD email saying my order was coming the next day but then it didn’t actually come for another week plus (backlog at RTD launch) so I think the DPD email comes straight away on the assumption the Huel fulfilment centre can get it out the door on time.

That has happened to me too although it was only a day later.

Keep us updated, your order should have come :grimacing: