Subscription flexibility

FYI Just had to cancel my subscription.
During the week no one is around to take parcels, I thought I had set up the subscription to deliver on Saturdays turns out I hadn’t and when I hit the reschedule delivery option on dpd website weekends were not available :frowning: and I’ll Have to take they day off to accept delivery.

I’ll have to order the next bags manually ,

It would be nice to be able to have my Huel subs delivered on a weekend, and would pay extra for that to happen


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Hey there, really sorry to hear you’ve cancelled your subscription already :frowning: this is absolutely something that can be done! Although you can’t do it yourself, just drop us an email on and we can switch on some fancy stuff for you to make sure your subscription always arrives on Saturday.

Let me know if you want to reactivate your subscription and I’ll sort this out for you (or realistically ask @Olivia_Huel to do it so I don’t break everything).

Hope to hear back from you.