Request - please let us use a click and collect address for subscriptions!

Hi There,

Seeing great results with Huel and I love the product.

I’ve had four huel deliveries, the first two were one-off purchases which i sent to local shops and picked up after work - fine.

I’ve now subscribed and despite opting for click and collect both times DPD have failed to accomodate the request.

the first time the parcel was “too heavy or bulky to collect” (two bags of huel … no.) and this time it disappeared for a day before turning up with a neighbour of mine.

Is there any way we could have subscription packages automatically delivered to a click and collect address? when click and collect works, it’s more convenient than my local amazon pickup locker. DPD don’t appear to be able to manage the change of destination effectively despite a glossy interface and I’m considering going back to larger one-time purchases to reduce the midweek hassle.



That’s funny, I was literally just logging into my account to see if we can do this! I’m in France and its not possible do have it delivered to a pick up point! :persevere:

Please Huel can you organise this? Pretty much all companies do this now, its so much easier than messing around with missed deliveries and neighbours etc.

It’s a great idea and we have looked into it before. We can do it but they don’t have an integration with Shopify so would end up requiring a lot of development work and there are other things that the team need to tackle first. It’s definitely worth doing but I can’t say is something that will be happening soon.

Also, @splottlinebling sorry for the issues you’ve had with a couple of orders. Do you have a safe place you could leave actually at your house? There are a few in-flight options on the DPD app, not just the pick-up shops!

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Hi Tim,

sadly the only safe place option would be throwing it over a high wall. my front door opens straight onto the pavement - think coronation street or peaky blinders.

i downloaded the DPD app and, by registering address/email/phone number with them i can now thankfully default to a click and collect location as it goes into their system.

Next on my wishlist is being able to skip/amend/cancel subscriptions effectively - i’ve got a shipment coming for which i have a screenshot of “order skipped”! There’s a seperate thread i have added to on this topic.


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