Hi all,
I would like to try Huel, but I have a problem with the delivery. Usually I am not at home before 7.00pm and I would like to know if I can send my delivery to a collection point. I try to buy my first Huel’s package, but I can’t choose any collection point. Does it work as Amazon where I can see all the collection points or I have to put the delivery address of the collection point manually? If it is the first case, I think I did something wrong, so I am here to ask help.

I found few topics about delivery questions, but they are very old, so I opened a new one. I hope I didn’t do any mistake.

P.S. Sorry for my poor English.


If you have a smart phone, download the DPD app. From there, I believe you can designate either a safe part of your property to put the package, a neighbour with whom to leave it, or a local collection point for you to then collect from.

But where I have to put the address of the collection point? For example, on Amazon after shipping you can choose where to send the parcel (Home, office, collection point etc…), but if I try with Huel, I can see, as shipping address, only mine and I can’t choose any collection point. After that I have to pay. So, where/when do you select in which collection point to send the parcel?

I believe you’d do it in the app after the purchase, but get confirmation of that from someone else to be sure

Thank You.

So, maybe I have to choose the collection point after I paid. OK, now is clear.
I will wait a confirmation from someone who did it.

Thank you.


Hi, Huel send you an email Telling you the date your Huel will be delivered, on the morning of your due delivery date they send you another email, the courier is usually DPD who give a time slot, they also include a link to Change My Delivery Now, click on the link and you can request delivery to a safe place ( garden shed or whatever ) a neighbour , or a DPD pick up shop, or reschedule to another date.
Hope this answers your question

Oh…now I understand. Thank you. It Helps me a lot.

Hey Stefano, how has this all gone? Did you manage to get your delivery sent to a drop off point? If you ever have any problems like this in the future don’t hesitate to get in touch with us directly on

Great to have you using Huel! Welcome to the team :smiley: