DPD Can’t Deliver to a Pickup Shop

Hi all,

My last two deliveries from Huel have been unable to deliver to a pickup shop rather than my address. According to the DPD app this is because the sender (Huel in this case) doesn’t allow the delivery to go to one of their pickup shops instead of my address.

For all kinds of boring reasons specific to me this is really really inconvenient for me. I just wanted to find out if this is the case for everyone/why it’s the case if so?

I have a similar issue. DPD have a hub in the town I live in which also has a customer collection counter but a lot of the time I cannot collect from there because I cannot select the option. Some orders which use DPD allow you to collect from pick up shops or hubs and some don’t so I presume the sender has to select/pay for these options for them to be available.

Maybe the delivery to Pick up shops hasn’t restarted yet even though shops are opening up again. I have my Huel dropped at a Chemist and even though it stayed open during lockdown I still couldn’t have it dropped off there. Might be worth contacting DPD to find out when they plan on starting it again but some shops might not want them yet with the virus still around.
A couple of years ago I had a the problem with DPD saying Huel doesn’t allow delivery to pick up shops even though I had them sent there previously so I emailed Huel and they sorted it out for me.