Can Huel be delivered to DPD locker?

Can Huel be delivered to DPD lockers in UK?

Talking about the France,
No not the lockers but once you receive mail with the tracking number of DPD, you can change the delivery to the relay point instead of your home address. This will delay your delivery to 24 hours but it is safer than letting box stay outside the door in the bad weather while you are not at home.

I’m afraid this isn’t an option DPD has currently, but I’ve passed this suggestion across to our operations team to ask DPD if this is a possibility for the future!

I’ve done this and it makes no difference, DPD ignored it, for all deliveries not just huel, likely because the collection point is a 5 min walk away from where DPD can park their vans. Which his funny cos they risk a parking ticket outside my inner city flat, or end up walking 10 minutes.

They won’t collect from the point more than once a week either, for same reasons. It’s inside a Matalan store, DPD didn’t even tell the company they were using their stores as collection/drop points.
I have to schedule a day off to get my huel delivered, it’s a pain in the ass.

DPD suck, I would prefer any other courier, except parcelforce they suck harder.

Sadly DPD has changed the way they carry out deliveries, in that if a customer is not available, they will deliver to the nearest pick-up shop to prevent the order from being stolen. If the parcel is uncollected, it will be returned to us. However, there is a way around this. If you can download the My DPD app, you can leave specific delivery instructions; include pictures of your safe place, directions to your property and even nominate a neighbour to have your order delivered to. Just please make sure that the ‘deliver to pick up shop’ is de-selected if you do not want this option.You can also now use ‘what3words’ and link this to your DPD app by following these instructions:

  1. Go to settings
  2. Click on your delivery address
  3. Click on ‘set my location’ under pinpoint your address
  4. Click on ‘find your what3words’ to get this added to your profile

I have it set ‘deliver to pick up shop’ and it’s ignored, not just with huel. They don’t want to go to the pick up shop because it’s crappy parking: walking. I live in a city centre, communal entrance/mail, no safe spot, the pickup point is a 5 minute walk tho, it should be easy.

I’m absolutely certain if I wasn’t home to take delivery, it would be over a week until I saw the delivery, at least a week. As it is now, as long as I’m home it’s a needless pain, but good.

Also,The DPD app customer service is outsourced to a place that thinks yelling at customers is normal. I discovered this when a parcel went awol for 2 months. They’ll just yell at you for trying to clarify what number they are asking for, because they don’t use English words properly.