Parcel Rescheduling and Collection Point Concerns with DPD

Hello everyone,

I recently encountered an issue with DPD’s delivery service where I was not provided an option to reschedule my delivery after my parcel from Huel was left at a collection point (the delivery personnel can be exceptionally quick, occasionally too swift for some individuals to respond to the doorbell in time :wink: ). I’m reaching out to the community to seek advice on how long it typically takes for a parcel to be returned to Huel in such cases, so that I can attempt to reschedule the delivery.

Huel’s return policy states that products can be returned within 30 days of delivery for a refund, provided they are unused and in the same condition as received. While this information is helpful for returns, it doesn’t clarify the process for parcels that are not collected from the pickup point and are returned to Huel.

If anyone has experienced a similar situation or has knowledge of DPD’s policies in this regard, your input would be greatly appreciated. How long should I wait before the parcel is sent back to Huel, and what is the process for rescheduling the delivery once it has been returned?

Thank you in advance for your assistance!

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DPD have gone downhill in the last couple of years. My driver doesn’t even knock the door and drops it off on the doorstep and leaves and then I get an email saying it’s been delivered.

Could be worse – could be Fedex. My order has been sat in the local depot awaiting delivery for 2 days with no explanation as to why it hasn’t been delivered. Fairly safe bet it will be spoiled/inedible if and when it shows up (they don’t use temperature controlled storage for food items).

I use FedEx for shipping many of my parcels and to be fair they are pretty good in the UK. I don’t use them to ship overseas, for that I use UPS and DPD for Eire.

I think all couriers have issues wherever you are. DPD are fine here.

I think Yodel are trying to beat EVRi as UK’s worst tho. And from my experience DHL are very variable and DX are best avoided.

Here they are little more than an organised crime ring - who try their hardest to do the least possible work but charge you the highest possible fees (usually by doctoring the paperwork and commercial invoices)

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Oh, this isn’t ideal, I’m sorry that your order is currently sitting at a collection shop.

So we’re unable to reschedule deliveries once they’ve been sent to a shop. A pain I know but this sadly just isn’t an option we have. Once the parcel has been there for 7 days it will be automatically returned to us where we will then reach out to you and ask if you would prefer a refund or a replacement.

I know that orders are automatically taken to a collection shop if there is a failed delivery. Worth mentioning that something really handy to have is the DPD App. You can select safe places, another day for the order to be delivered and even cancel the delivery in some cases. It’s something that can help if you run into issues with deliveries or if you’re not around.

We can look into your current order and where it is and if there is anything we can do about it, if you can just drop us an email at we’ll be happy to help!

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Fedex finally delivered the Huel today after its been sat in the local depot since 6am Monday morning along with the usual doctored paperwork and a tax bill 73% of the sales invoice - pretty alarming because the sales tax here is 10%. They are an absolute s#it show.

That’s outrageous. There’s just no control over this sort of thing. I hear of UPS doing a similar thing too in Europe. They just make up a figure

Are you going to challenge it or just pay it because it’s not worth the time or effort?

You have to pay before they will even deliver and yeah, I always challenge it post-delivery with both the local and national offices but these complaints are always met with radio silence. Unlike other courier services here – they don’t tell you what is owed until the driver shows up on your doorstep - so you don’t even get the chance to check the paperwork until you have actually handed the money over. These aren’t isolated incidents – it’s pretty much Fedex’s SOP.

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