How to deliver to a pick up location?

I would like a feature where I can have my Huel product delivered to a location for me to pick up.
If possible, a corporate supermarket like Tesco would be ideal.

DPD offer that option. At least my last delivery I got options to either deliver, leave in designated outside place, deliver to neighbour, or take to local pick-up point - which is a garden centre. It may depend on accessing the DPD mobile app.


There really should be an option upon clicking ‘secure checkout’ (I’m using windows OS), an option somewhere to easily choose a pick up location, similar to how they do on Amazon.

As there isn’t such an option, the problem is that after I order from the Huel website, the next day it’s already set for delivery to my selected address. If I try changing from the DPD website, it will arrive the next day instead (that’s also assuming I have time to go and change, after I get the email of the tracking ID).

But anyway, thanks for the info. I can’t get them (DPD) to deliver to my local Tesco Extra store (giant supermarket), but I could get them to deliver to one of the stores next to the train/railway station (from the DPD website).

I think if you use the DPD app you can set your delivery preference so it applies to all deliveries. So assuming your Huel gets sent via DPD each time it should always go where you want it to.


Hey @Akshay9687, I’ve chatted with the CX team and I think they have sent you this reply, so I am sorry for the repetition. But hopefully useful for others too!

Unfortunately, you cannot select delivery directly to a pick up shop, you will need to select a UK address at check out for delivery. However, as soon as the order is dispatched and you have received the DPD tracking link, you can select delivery to a pick up shop! You can even download the DPD app and have all parcels that come to your address with DPD sent to a pick up shop right away!

In order to do this register on the app and then tick this option and you select your preferred shop.

Hope that helps, and sorry you are unable to do this another way. Hopefully it’s not too much extra time to go through the app.