Safe place delivery

When My Huel gets delivered, I am out at work. They keep delivering to a neighbor who doesn’t appreciate being my local post office. I live in a safe rural area, I find it highly unlikely the elderly community will steal my Huel. Can I arrange for the delivery to be left in my “safe place”?

Hi Michael. Would think that is between you and the courier as they usually require a signature. Where do you live?

@MGL if your courier is DPD, you can set your safe place preferences on their app.
Make sure you set it up on your profile before your next delivery.
Then when you get your delivery notification you can go into the app and set your delivery to be to your designated safe place.
Personally I find DPD a little hit and miss as to whether they actually follow these instructions but I seem to live in an area with a worse DPD service than most. Technically, if you set your delivery to be left in your safe place, it will be left in your safe place.
I always also put a note on my door asking parcels / deliveries to be left in my shed - I find this instruction does actually get followed 90% of the time.

Only trouble with notes on door is that they are there for all to see.

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IMG_1935 You need to make the request to DPD after the Email/SMS you receive after dispatch. They send you a photo of it after they have left it in your kids playhouse safe place. Its nothing to do with Huel. Hope that helps


Sure… it’s only suitable if your safe place is a lockable parcel shed (as mine is, but they still don’t use it unless I put a note telling them to!) or if you’re in a particularly remote or safe area which it sounds like the OP is…

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I am lucky on two counts, that DPD are excellent in my area (so far so good!) and that I am able to be home when my delivery arrives.

DPD seems to be the only one without an app here in The Netherlands, unfortunately.
My parcels from UPS, GLS and PostNL automatically get redirected to the chosen
pick up shops as I have set it in my account preferences.
Wish DPD had the same here as well.

If they leave the Huel in a safe place like a shed who actually signs for it, the driver presumably?

Makes it all a bit of a farce really. About needing a signature I mean.

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I know with Royal Mails Tracked parcels they can be left in a safe place if it says so on the parcel ( which the customer says where to leave it printed on the parcel ). And the Postie would take a photo of the parcel in the safe place. But if it’s a Royal Mail Tracked parcel that needs a signature it can’t be left in a safe place, as postie’s aren’t allowed or supposed to sign them. Don’t know about other couriers but would be interested to see what Huel say about it, @Tim_Huel ? as Huel have arranged this service with DPD for the customer or someone taking the parcel in to sign for it. I have to sign for my Huel in my local pick up shop. So do DPD drivers sign for them on behalf of the customer for leaving parcels in a safe place? Of cause leaving with a neighbour and they sign is a different thing. I don’t know how it works.

@Ian42 the way it works on the app (for me so far) is you are giving permission for them to leave it and accepting responsibility for it also.
Basically, if it goes missing it will be your own responsibility, and you can’t put a claim in for it, as you’ve asked them to leave it.
They take a photo as proof they have actually delivered.
Some drivers refuse to leave in safe places and want a signature, others sign for you.
So far I’ve not had any issues with parcels going missing (well none that have been left anyway - they go missing en route all the time!), it is a bit risky tho, as even though my instructions say to lock my parcel shed after placing the parcel in, about 50% of the time they leave it open…

@ChristinaT how does your parcel shed lock?

@Bee you can buy purpose made parcel sheds but mine is just an old concrete shed with a wooden door and a bolt across. So I leave it with the bolt open, and an open padlock so that after the postie has deposited his parcel he just needs to slide the bolt across and snap the padlock shut. It can then only be opened with the key


Even when I’ve been in to take delivery I haven’t had to sign! My DPD driver must be a crazy maverick! :stuck_out_tongue:


I just get dpd to stick parcels thru my cat flap. Works for them and me…cat not so keen

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Large cat flap eh? :tiger:

My cat is a tiger. cat flap will take a huel box with 2 pouches no problem


I’d need heck of a cat flap, ordering 10 bags at a time :rofl:


Yeah…that’s a bit too much for my cat flap.