Safe place delivery


Yea, the lady at the parcel pick up shop asks me to pick it up from the ground myself everytime :stuck_out_tongue:

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When i order RTD bottles I have to pick them up from a downstairs neighbour as DPD driver cant carry them upstairs to me.

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Good job the Postie doesn’t deposit something else in your shed if he/she needs the loo…


It has happened :confused: :man_facepalming:


:scream: at least the Hermes driver had the decency to bag it and bin it !
I wasn’t so lucky…
Although I did catch the culprit before he made it out my gate and I made him clean my shed with hot water and disinfectant. He looked very sheepish…

Edit: Just to clarify - it wasn’t anyone delivering Huel !!


Fuming!!! I’ve waited in for my delivery today, and then I get an email from DPD saying I was out. They kindly posted a photo of where they’ve left the calling card. It isn’t even my address! It’s almost impossible to contact DPD to explain, and I have no confidence that they will come to the correct address tomorrow


The issue here is with the courier and app. I previously selected for my package to be left in my safeplace which is thrown over my solid faced 8ft tall iron gate with integral lock. Apparently the driver could not do this and left it with mg neighbour. DPD claimed it was assessed by the driver as being not safe and was a health and safety issue. Another DPD driver was however, satisfied that my parents unlocked glass porch (in a rural area) was safe and agreed with me to leave items there. It appears to be a drivers assessement because if an item is damaged or missing they have the cost deducted frpm their wages.