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I just want to ask people whether they’ve had any undelivered orders, and how the Huel team resolved the issue? I’ve made a different account to ask this question.

I live in a building with a security lodge that accepts parcels. They’re very meticulous and strict with parcels, and I’ve never had any dissapear before.

I got a notification that a double-bag order had arrived a couple of weeks ago, but when I went down to the lodge there were no parcels for my flat or my name. I’ve also found out the person named as the signee for the parcel actually wasn’t in work when the parcel got delivered!

The Huel team have not responded well to my queries, and have told me that they do not consider the situation suspicious?! They’ve told me there is nothing further they will do.

Has anyone else had this experience? I’m just pretty stunned that a company would just leave £50 worth of goods undelivered without refund or replacement.

Let me know,

So the person that signed for it was an employee of the “security lodge” then? Must have been otherwise how could the delivery driver know the persons name? Sounds very suspicious, as though someone has nicked your parcel after signing for it.

Hey, the building is a large student accomodation so any couriers delivering to the building deliver a lot of parcels there. DPD just have the main security guy’s name on file and mark it as signed in his name without asking! Security have asked them not to do this, but they do anyway.

The security system is very strict, and the parcels can’t pass the entry without being logged - so I have no doubt that this is an error with DPD. I think the courier has left the parcel in the van and just marked a batch as delivered!

Sometimes the name the delivery person types in is not the same who signs, which may be the case here. They sometimes just use a name of some person they know lives or works there. I would demand seeing the scan of the signature. If there is none, the delivery company is the one who can’t prove to have delivered the parcel. If there is one, you may be able to find out whose it was.

Hi Flamme, just commented concerning this above, but you’re correct. The issue is the DPD guys seem to just mark it as delivered themselves, in which case this is certainly Huel’s issue. Huel should be resolving this and I feel quite ripped off.

We posted the same minute. :wink:

We are using DPD at work, too. There is an automatic insurance up to 500€ here for every parcel. If DPD doesn’t have a signature to prove the delivery, my guess would be this is a case for their insurance.
Let’s see, what @Tim_Huel will say to that.

Ah yeah was just directing anybody else reading :slight_smile: the Huel team seem to have accepted that DPD just automatically sign off a big batch of parcels without proper confirmation, but have told me that the fact the parcel is ‘technically’ signed for means they won’t do anything?!

They are making new claims to DPD but say they won’t make guarantees. I find this disturbing as Huel are admitting there is a cause for concern here, but not taking responsibility and either giving me a replacement package or a refund…!

Hi there,

Sorry for the delay on replying to you here, I’ve been checking in with the CS team to suss out what has gone on.

It seems like the CS team have done everything right here. When we have issues like this there is a very strict process we have to go through. It may slow down the process of you the customer getting your parcel but it means we can identify the source of problem so it can be corrected for the future.

To confirm we absolutely have not just left your package undelivered without refund or replacement. This is what we do:

File a signature dispute with DPD
This involves checking with the driver directly
DPD will interview the driver too

As far as these checks go your package was delivered and signed for by someone that usually signs for parcels. Now of course, this situation is just your word against the DPD delivery driver. In which case, despite the evidence we’ve been provided saying that the package was delivered to your building, we have still resent the package to you.

I hope this clears it up for you and you can see that we weren’t leaving you Huel-less but simply following the correct procedure to find the source of the problem.

Hi Tim,

I appreciate your reply, and that this issue finally seems to be resolved. However I don’t think what you’ve said concerning the process the Huel team has been following is true. I’ll just paste the email I received Monday from the team; on two occasions its stated that there is nothing else they can do, so it certainly doesn’t seem like I would have got this resolution had I not made this forum post…

"Hi Phillipa,

I have spoken with our fulfilment team who have unfortunately advised me that there is nothing further in which we can do here in regard to your order.

We have rechecked the GPS tracking and this places the driver in the correct location and as (signee) is the signature on the order, it is not deemed as suspicious.

DPD local have also advised us that unfortunately we are now outside of the claim window for this order and there is nothing further we are able to do.

Could you perhaps check with (signee) to see who was covering his duty that day? They have signed for the parcel.

If you need anything else, please let us know.

Kind Regards

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I’m unclear as to your general procedure here Tim. May I clarify one point? Re your statement:

despite the evidence we’ve been provided saying that the package was delivered to your building, we have still resent the package to you

Is this a part of your procedure or are you saying after applying this procedure Phillipa isn’t due a replacement but you are on this one occasion at your discretion sending one?

I ask because I have had a potentially similar experience, not with Huel or DPD thankfully, but I see no reason why it couldn’t occur with any courier company. In my case it turned out the delivery driver had handed the package over to the first person they met in the building who had faked a signature & stolen the package. By the time the driver admitted this it was too damn late to try to track down the thief. I had to get the police involved & the delivery driver finally confessed to this during his second interview.

It would be nice if you had a means to handle similar which didn’t involve the line:

this situation is just your word against the DPD delivery driver

Since drivers lie, especially when under pressure & who isn’t nowadays?

We’ve had so many issues with couriers and the royal mail it is unreal. We don’t even have mail delivered to our premises any more. To be fair on them DPD are pretty good here, but we usually get the same guy, and APC too. We’ve had other courier companies who have left our parcels in a safe place…we don’t have a safe place, and had to claim against them.

We had one failed delivery where the courier actually tried to deliver our parcel to a company with a similar name (although that company was defunct) in a town about 10 miles away. Parcel was refused by new tenant, and it was returned to the depot where they lost it. The contents of the parcel worth about 200 quid were hard to get hold of, but we emailed the CEO of the company on a Sunday morning cc’ing the Daily Mail and Watchdog…and within an hour got a call from the CEO’s PA. Before that the CEO had copied us in on an email to the PA by mistake, saying “you better sort this because it’s a sensitive one”… and it was sensitive - Watchdog wanted to run the story and contacted us within 48 hours, Eventually the company did source the contents - and paid over £1000 for them - 5 times the real value…how do we know that…cos we tracked down who they bought it from…and once they had sorted it they sent the Head of Transport all the way from Manchester to here (somerset) to hand deliver it.

Doubt they’d fo to so much trouble for a bag or 2 of Huel.

If you enjoyed that story I can tell you our British Gas saga that went on for over 6 years…the outcome of which was we got 6 years of free gas and electricity.


Hi Phillipa, I’m glad you’re happy with the outcome. However, posting this email isn’t really fair as it was sent 3 days ago and is out of context. The complaint we’ve made with DPD hadn’t reach it’s full conclusion and there are two emails sent after this that clearly says that we were pushing for claim to get your Huel back. The email after that one was the details of a positive result of our claim and the ability to resend your Huel.

We will always side with our customers, but if we just resent every Huel parcel that was reported missing then that wouldn’t be very smart. Parcels can just be delivered to the wrong address, left in difficult to find ‘safe places’, or anything else. We need to go through a process to track down the parcel and find out what has happened. In this case as far as all the records showed the parcel had been delivered and signed for.

Obviously we weren’t happy with this outcome so we went to the next stage to make a claim for the parcel. We won, we resent. If we lost the claim I expect we would have resent the parcel regardless (it’s worth noting I’m not responsible for these decisions though and every situation is different), but if we can get DPD to take responsibility for it then everyone wins.

If you have any other questions then let me know.

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Cheers. Huel continues to maintain high standards. I hope you can keep it up as you grow.

Incidentally, if a courier denies responsibility despite your efforts & you decide on balance not to resend an order, if the customer then gets the police involved, would you reconsider? Actually, you don’t need to answer that as I’m confidant you would. Most uncorporate of you :wink:

Start writing a blog & I’ll sign up. Will settle for the above story in the meantime :slight_smile:

[Edit] Dang, I try to tidy up two consecutive posts by merging them into one & now I’ve left a withdrawn notice hanging around. Soz.

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Nice to see Huel putting customers first as usual but I think that this is unfair on them too. I’m not saying OP is being dishonest in this particular case but, in this situation in general, when it’s beyond reasonable doubt the parcel was taken to the customer’s door and signed for, shouldn’t the courier be at fault? Or even the building’s mail room? Hate to think Huel is being ripped off. Definitely wouldn’t want you to be ripped off either Philippa but you can see how it’s possible someone could do the same thing and be dishonest about actually receiving the parcel

This reminds me of ANOTHER courier story. I had a courier deliver something to me and it was allegedly signed for at a shop in the adjacent street (and the signature obtained was for the shop owner’s name). She is the only person working in her shop. When I had eventually tracked my parcel to her shop she denied ever having received it, nor had she signed for it. She is actually a friend of mine, so I believe her…but also I have to believe the courier, as my friend also receives parcels maybe he just signed it with her name, or it could be another random person who knows who owns which shop… That seems unlikely. I never received the parcel and had to be sent another one by original company. I guess they filed a claim.

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