Postponing Subscription

Hi Huelers,

I am trying to postpone my next subscription delivery by a couple of weeks (had a Huel-free christmas, so I’ve got a bit of a backlog).

The website has got a bit shinier since I last used it but now it appears that my options are to cancel (we don’t want to do that) or change the period between deliveries, which doesn’t actually change the next delivery date.

Am I just missing where they have moved the option to?

P.S. I have sent a message via the website and a follow-up email and neither have received an acknowledgement of receipt. I don’t expect an immediate reply, but it would be nice to know you’ve got it and it will be looked at.

Thanks in advance for the assistance.

No “Change charge date” option?

Hi @MrBenn. In ‘subscriptions and orders’ click on ‘view delivery’. Next to the subscription you want to change click on ‘edit’. You will then be able to change delivery frequency.

Thanks Bee, except I’m not trying to change the frequency, I’m trying to move it back 2 weeks.

Incidentally when I did change this setting, to see if it moved the date back. It did not, but when I went back to it, it had also reverted to the previous frequency.

I notice that there is a separate post from people trying to cancel that are unable to. What’s going on Huel? Your website seems to be malfunctioning somewhat.

Not that I could spot. Perhaps you could direct me to it, if you have spotted something I’ve missed.


Obviously the work on the website is still ongoing. Hopefully all will have settled in a few days. Meanwhile I’m sure @Tim_Huel will be able to help

Yep, the new shiny website needs a bit more debugging it seems.

I’ve now been locked out of the site altogether. Every time I log in it takes me through a Robot Captcha process and when I complete it, get the green tick of approval, and press submit, it re-routes me to log-in to start the whole thing again.

I imagine somebody is looking into all this, so I think I’ll leave it for 24hrs and see where it goes. This is the 3rd day I’ve been at it, so it would be nice to get a resolution at some point.

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Thats weird, on the EU website I have the option of skipping a delivery on m6 subscription, which is what I did last month because I was in the same situation as you!

I just changed my charge date. Then they delivered early (which is what I wanted). You could change your charge date to later.

We’re working through a backlog of email requests, thanks for your patience. Sorry for the issues you’ve had.

Thanks Tim,

Bizarrely my next delivery seems to have been shifted back 2 weeks all of it’s own accord. I can only assume that somebody has picked up my email at your end and made the change.

Does this mean that this option no longer exists?

Regarding the backlog, it would probably be worth setting up an email/query acknowledgement system, so at least people know that it’s been received and will be looked at.

Anyway, I’m all sorted now. Good luck with the rest of the backlog. It sounds like a full-time job of it’s own!!


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