Subscription is broken

So, had to cancel my sub yet again due to the website having issues with the dates I select for delivery.
I can’t fathom how a website can not get a simple thing like dates correct? If you try to bring a date forward you will receive a ton of Huel, get charged for it all, then get a magic date you didn’t select added to your subscription for even more Huel costing you a fortune.

Anyone here tried ‘Feed’ instead?

I think you’ll get more info about Feed on the Feed forum.

Hey there, sorry to hear you’re having some issues with the sub platform. If you bring the date forwards, the charge date will always be recalculated automatically based on the frequency of your subscription.

I.e. I have a 4 week subscription, and my next sub is due to arrive on the 18th September. I now want it earlier so I change it to the 16th. The order will process on the 16th and your next sub will process 4 weeks afterwards (the 7th).

Changing the charge date won’t impact the contents of the subscription though.

If anything you’ve experienced is different to that then could you please email us on We’d love to help out.

Now now then.

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Thanks for your explanation but it still didn’t stop twice my order being sent out. All good now however as I was refunded partially for the mix up.

No lumps in the mix up I hope

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