Triggering a subscription delivery

Glad to see the new website. It looks lovely.

I’m trying to trigger a subscription delivery (ideally for today, but it’s probably too late now) but the option to edit the date of my next order has gone. Right now it’s set for March the 7th and the only date related thing I can edit is the delivery frequency (in weeks).

Can you tell me how to trigger a delivery under the new UI pls.



I don’t know the answer to your specific question.
But if no-one else suggests a better solution:
You could just create a new subscription today (as long as you order before 9pm you will get it tomorrow), and then cancel your old subscription.
Not ideal… but a usable solution if you reeeeally need to place your order today and get it tomorrow


Thanks for the response.

It’s not that urgent, I don’t mind wait a day or three, but certainly would like it before 7th March.

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I usually just bring my subscription delivery forward then adjust it back after my order is delivered.

Me too, but the facility to do that seems to have been taken away

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Yes, I see what you mean. New UI still a work in progress. Under the circumstances what @ChristinaT suggested seems the best thing to do.

I noticed the same issue not being able to change the dates. Just tried to create a new subscription but for some reason the checkout process won’t let me log in saying incorrect password. The forgot password sends me back to the main Huel site which does log me in. Had this issue before the changes though which is why I normally change my subscription dates >.<

edit: able to log in today (1st Feb) and place a new subscription

The tech team are working furiously to sort all of this. We’re sorry for any issues. Many from 1-2 days ago have largely been solved and we are gradually responding to all emails with solutions. There is an additional issue that ReCharge, the software that our subscription service is based on, has been down for the day - so combined with a new account management system hasn’t been great.

We’re really sorry for all your issues and thank you so much for being so patient – you’re all great.


You’re not too shabby, yourself!

Can’t you just change your Charge Date? Worked for me a few days ago…

No facility to change charge date on the new UI that I can see.


That facility is no longer present, which is why I started this thread