Bring subscription forward?


Is it possible to bring a delivery date forward? I think my next one is due Tuesday next week but I will be away for a week from this Friday and ideally want to try to bring delivery forward to this Thursday otherwise I will run out while away :frowning:

I saw some subscription options but couldn’t be sure, sorry.

You can go in an edit the date on when your subscription gets delivered as I’ve done that recently.
If you login to your account it should have the option under the manage subscriptions link.

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Thank you, it’s what I ended up doing but was initially hesitant because it was the “charge date” and it wasn’t completely clear to me changing that would affect delivery date. (It’s possible to imagine that charge and delivery date are not coupled).

However I changed the charge date to today and it has dispatched today too. :slight_smile:


Sorry about that. The subscription app we use is called ‘Recharge’, I imagine this is an attempt by them to brand the interface. We’re working on our own subscription system which will be clearer!

A Charge is the day your subscription will be processed electronically. The date it is delivered depends on a number of things so much so that we wouldn’t be able to allow you change it to the delivery date. Our cutoff time in the UK is 9pm so if you changed your charge date to the next day after this time then it would be sent out the next day. Does that make sense?

Basically, normal delivery conditions apply, but charge date is generally the day your order gets processed and money withdrawn from your account. Hope this helps!

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