Subscription Flavour Change bug


I’ve just emailed your team@ address but posting here too for more visibility. I really don’t want the wrong order to be dispatched if possible…

Yesterday I logged into the website and

  1. Changed my subscription flavours from 1 x UU and 1 x New Vanilla to 2 x New Vanilla. Having made the change I saw the green “Subscription Changed” banner appear so assumed all was well.
  2. Set my next payment date to today.

Today I got a dispatch confirmation email for… my old order.

Having gone back into Manage My Subscription Flavours today, I saw it still had 1 x UU and 1 x New Vanilla set.

So, again, for the second time, I changed this to 2 x New Vanilla, and again I saw the green “Subscription Changed” banner.

However when going back into Manage My Subscription Flavours for a third time, it was still on 1 x UU and 1 x New Vanilla! Which explains how this happened.

After changing it on the third attempt, then going back in, it appears to have finally taken effect and my subscription now shows 2 x New Vanilla.

Obviously this is bug in the website and needs to be sorted out but I am hoping you can please STOP the dispatch of the 1 x UU bag, I don’t want the hassle of returning it. I want 2 x New Vanilla - as ordered.


If you’re sent products in error you shouldn’t have any hassle returning them. You’re obliged to make the goods available for collection but the sender is responsible for arranging & paying for this.

Luckily Olivia in the Huel team managed to change it before it was dispatched, was dreading trekking to the queue at the Post Office… I didn’t realise they would collect it.

Still be good if they could look into the underlying issue with changing flavours in subscription seemingly needing to be done and saved twice in a row to actually take effect.

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If this happens again, you can just refuse delivery and order return to sender you know :slight_smile:

Great to hear that Liv and the team picked up your email. Sorry to hear about the problems, we’ll keep our eyes on this one. It doesn’t look like it’s anything our end at the moment but if we get more reports of this then we can build a better picture. Thanks for raising.

Thanks Tim. Definitely something funky happening. Maybe it’s browser dependent.