Chocolate delivery RTD instead of vanilla

Really quite annoyed.

I have 4 boxes of the chocolate RTD which I can’t stand.

I ordered vanilla (via subscription) and don’t recall receiving and email to say this would be replaced with chocolate.

Really really annoyed.

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Same here never got any email and received chocolate which i cant stand either ,just contact customer support and ask to return them for refund and explain the situation.
They currently have no vanilla so it would need to be a refund not sure why they are not informing customers of the change other than automatically changing subscription for another flavour.

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Strange not to get an email. I get one before every delivery with itemised details of what’s going to be in the box… Maybe they went in your spam folders?

They are sending the normal subscription email out with your order on which does show a change of flavour unfortunately i suppose a lot of people with a subscription don’t really pay much attention to it as you don’t expect your order to change unless notified.
Even the subscription email has no notification as to explaining they have changed your order.
Huel need to send something out asking at least if you want a replacement product if your normal subscription item is not in stock.
It could be argued that its the customers fault for not checking their subscription email but why would anyone who has had a subscription for a long time and is unaware of the current supply issues.

I see. Yes sounds like a special alert email would’ve helped, above and beyond the usual delivery summary. Was there no explicit invitation to decline the changed flavour? :frowning:


Hi Epicure

No first time i knew of the change is when i opened box after delivery then checked subscription and seen they had changed it without any explanation on subscription email.
Not sure why they are not informing customers as its only going to create more cost on returns and refunds only thing i can think is that they deem it so temporary its not worth implementing notifications.

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Maybe just an old-fashioned oversight?
Hope they’re able to make it up to you.


I opened the boxes to an unexpected order.

I received this email yesterday about the same change to my RTD sub. So either it’s a new email in response to what’s been happening or it was missed. The email title is “We’re making a swap to your subscription.”

Yes I didn’t receive this. Nor have I yet had a response to me email in regards to this. Almost 24 hours since I sent it

I don’t think a blanket random swap is ok. Ask at the point of ordering if this would be acceptable.

Because it isn’t acceptable in my case.

Maybe the only flavour available is chocolate because no one likes it…so surplus chocolate stock should be self explanatory.

I don’t want to be charged for products would never have ordered. I would prefer the order be cancelled.

So you’re just getting chocolate then?

No, I’ve cancelled mine, but only because I don’t want a box of RTD this time round. I don’t order it often.

Whether this email was sent or missed, given easy it is to miss an email (I get a 100 spams a day) I’m wondering if on this occasion sending an SMS to affected customers would have been a good move.

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Nothing but chocolate.

4 boxes full.

The only flavour I can’t stand.

Response time is normally within 72 hours on customer service saying that i waited around 30hrs only and was even contacted on a weekend when i thought they would be closed so pretty good really.
They will issue you with a refund.
I definitely received no email went through every folder maybe they have just started which is a good thing if your product isnt in stock

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Yuk. Thats not good