RTD Subscriptions being changed/UK Manufactured RTD

Just got my subscription through and have received Chocolate instead of my subscription order of 36 Vanilla. Opened up a query with customer care team which is currently in progress.
I never check my subscription email as its always remained the same for a long time surely it makes sense to email people if its the case vanilla is now out of stock to inform them if they want another flavour.
Back in may i posted on here regarding low stock and was told subscriptions are fine as stock is being reserved for them.
I now have £100 worth of Huel i need to return as i do no like the chocolate.
I have also seen posts regarding the new UK manufacturing facility coming on line i purchased 6 bottles of the Vanilla produced in the UK and they where awful so not sure they should be going to retail until you have the quality right.
This is been going on now for over 7 months and whilst i understand the demand is very good for business loyal customers are being let down and quality is poor with certainly UK manufactured Vanilla,

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I’ve had some UK manufactured vanilla. There is a difference to the German made stuff which also is different from the USA made stuff, which whilst isn’t desirable, is understandable given they are different manufacturing sites in different countries and probably using different machines and ingredients like water.

Unless there’s a bad batch out in the wild the difference isn’t huge to me.

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I thought it was awful compared to the German manufactured rtd i would have thought processes would be replicated although not tried any made in USA.

I’ can’t remember when it changed exactly - a couple of years maybe? - but the UK market RTD all came from the USA and when they switched to the EU versions people were not happy. I haven’t bought many since unless I’m back in the UK so didn’t notice when it switched to UK manufacturing.

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I used to buy RTD regularly. Still buy the very occasional bottle. Out of interest I tried a german manufactured Vanilla versus a UK manufactured Vanilla. I tried both at the same temperature after coming straight out the fridge. The German version was noticeably better - still had a slight grainy texture (which I like) and tasted more like the Vanilla powder. The UK version was noticeably thinner and smoother and had a slightly different taste.

Not saying the UK version was terrible, it was ok, but the German version was different and better.