How do I change my subscription so that they send me 3 vanilla and one U/U instead of 4 vanilla?

My next order is due to be made tomorrow, so need this answered quick.

I really want to try U/U, maybe blend it with fruit. But will stick with 3 Vanilla just in case.

Hi Amelia,

I can do this manually for you for one order if you let me know when the subscription order is placed, but for all future orders, the only way to do this currently is to cancel the entire subscription and replace it. We are working on changing this however, as that’s obviously not a great feature.

Kind Regards,


Hey Gullible, my order will be automatically placed on Tuesday, could you swap one of the four Vanillas for a U/U?

Is there any update on the new subscription system you spoke of before?

I just cancelled my subscription and will re-make it with the correct details. Tim emailed me Friday about it and apologised that’s there’s no system to modify it yet.

Damn, I wish I’d read this thread last week; I spent ages trying to modify it before giving up, cancelling my order and starting afresh…

Yeah, I hope I can edit it at random soon.

So it looks like this was in May and there’s still no solution? I can’t seem to edit my subscription, at least. I guess I’ll just have to cancel it and make a new one.

The way the service Huel is hosted on works is quite awkward about this. Coupled with the fact the app that we use to do subscription orders has been less than helpful, it is taking a while. We are trying, it’s just about finding the correct people to be able to fix it.