Can I change the proportion of Vanilla and Unsweetened flavours in my subscription order?


Is there a way to use the slider to change the proportion of vanilla to unsweetened for the long term in a subscription account?

I have looked all around the site and on the forum but there doesn’t seem to be a straightforward way to do it.

Anyone else have any tricks?


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Sorry, it’s not possible at present. See this answer;

Thank you. sorry for asking a question that had already been answered. Thought I had scanned through but obviously not thoroughly enough.

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I am having the same issue each time a new order comes up. Dont worry about raising it here. Its been like that since the inception of subscriptions. Certainly not something that should linger.

Yes this is a problem but not one we can solve until the app people install it. They know we want it and have said that others do too! So hopefully we can help them work it to give you more functionality in your account.

Sorry again. All you need to do for now is just cancel your current sub and start a new one.

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