Subscription change won’t work

I ordered two vanilla this time when I set up my subscription but can’t stomach the sweetness so I want to change it next time to U/U.

I went on my account and edited my flavours, it gave me the banner that said the change had been made but then when I just went back on it, it still says 2 vanilla.

How do I make the change stick? I really don’t want to get the vanilla again. Is it better to cancel and do a new subscription? Heeeeelp!

Reported a similar problem a while back. didn’t get any feedback but solved it by using chrome instead of safari. alternatively mail support and ask them to make the change.

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I would love to help you out!

mashes some buttons

All sorted for you, Sally. Sorry for the issue, it’s a weird one and for some unknown reason we can do it but sometimes the customer can’t. Some sort of witchcraft I don’t understand.


Thank you! The button mashing worked and I can now see it’s changed to unsweetened. Yay!