Anyone who works for Huel lurking on the forums? I'm having subscription issues

We’ve both done it in different ways too. Just to rub it in further.


How do you know?!

I can’t figure out what you’ve done! Either of you !

Because I worked out how he did it and I’ve done it a different way :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’ve worked out how you did it. Very clever.

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Yours is better than mine though. I browse the forum with a dark mode browser extension turning the forum black. You can then see mine.

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This text will be hidden

Edit: dammit that didn’t work :laughing:

Nice try. :smile:

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You could also see it during the blue pulse that new posts get.

@ChristinaT I used invisible characters, @Coup uploaded a blank image.

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What a wild Saturday night this is.

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I’m crap at this game

It’s more tragic than funny now. :cry:

Well - I’m entertaining myself anyway!

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I did actually think of uploading a blank image but you told me @Coup’s secret before I managed to find a blank image so I continued to search for another solution. I did also think of typing in white lettering but don’t have that option on my phone.
So - I’m not a complete fail.
I just completely failed in the execution of my ideas :laughing::laughing::laughing:

And all my alternative attempts were indeed tragic :joy::joy:

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Sigh, I had a life and missed the fun,