Please sort out the ordering system

The website is really not fit for purpose is it?

All I want to do is get a couple of bags extra as a one off on top of my regular subscription plus a matcha tea flavour bag and the system now thinks I want 4 bags every 4 weeks and I can’t edit or cancel any of them.

Inflexible, confusing and frustrating …

Yep and if you change your order you lose your discount code, so you need to cancel it and then re-order. But make sure you do the day before you want it to arrive otherwise you get smashed with two orders back to back like I just did. Customer service still not responded to my complaint. And guess what - no number to ring!

Think I’ll be switching to Soylent at this rate.

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This is also another reason why I prefer to buy Huel from other sites like Amazon. There’s too much hassle and inconvenience involved when buying directly from them.

Doesn’t seem to be an option when I searched. Are you outside the UK? I’m strongly considering Saturo or Mana after all this. I’d pay an extra £10 a week for good customer service. This is a joke. Still no response to my complaint and the product is now with DPD. Look at my recent forum post to see the email I got.

Hey Darren, sorry for any problems you’ve had. Please do email us on and we can sort it out for you.