Sourcing Samples / Single Products


I just had a proper look on eBay. there’s loads of Huel on sale that costs more than direct from Huel.

I’ll just stick to making the Huel mugs and mankinis.


@TimOfficialHuel is there no chance we could have a sample pack option to try? Like 1 bottle of Vanilla and 1 bottle of Berry before investing in so many bottles. Maybe @JamesCollier or @Julian is the best person to ask. Thanks.


I think you should tag a few more people in Ian


I see one of Huel’s competitors has this week come up with pre-bottled powder. so each individual serving is in a bottle and you just add your chosen liquid. That sounds like the worst of all options.


Don’t know anyone else lol


Certainly wouldn’t be any good Huel doing that, there’d be even more lumps.


Makes you wonder what the ingredients are. If you added liquid to Huel powder in a bottle and shook it up You’d probably never get it all out again.


It’s probably just a bottle of maltodextrin @Africorn lol.
Sounds like the daftest idea yet!

I also don’t see why there shouldn’t be an option to sample the RTD though like @Ian suggests. It’s not like you need a few goes to ‘get it right’ as with the powder. Makes sense to be able to add a couple of bottles to an order of your powder (so no extra shipping costs).
Sample bars aswell - don’t see why not.
Obviously it would be at a higher cost per bar or bottle but people are used to the idea of getting a discount for buying in bulk and for regular subscriptions so they’d be happy to pay a bit more for a sample. Perhaps not the £20 being asked on eBay though :joy:


@Ian42 we have big backlog of ideas to work through, one is to enable add-on (such as single bottles) to existing orders. This functionality should available in 2 to 3 months.

Huel Ready-to-drink is here …

Thanks for the reply @Julian that’s good news I will look forward to it.


As Christina suggested, I’d be happy to send people powder and/or bar samples :slight_smile:


He was after a sample of the RTD bottles @LaurenMcG

Really happy to know that add-ons like this will be available from Huel directly in the near future :slight_smile: