Huel Ready-to-drink is here …


Have you tried Joe’s Ketogenesis?






I have yes, will buy some once I run out of Huel (14 bags to go) it’s great too, but would be nice nonthelesss if Huel also did a version of it


@TimOfficialHuel any chance for samples mate? I would like to try them both, but I can’t put that money in as a student and order 24 bottles. It would be lovely if possible


Julian did say in this thread they are planning to add the ability to add individual products to orders:

Can’t see anything coming in before that.


Thanks coup. That’s nice, will definately try them once that’s implemented


Seems a good, great alternative to sample orders.


EDIT: I put the edit on top because it is perhaps quintessential to understand the tone of the post.
This is just AN INTERESTING FACT and the final statement Huel hates EU is a JOKE. As @TimOfficialHuel states below there are complex reasons behind the pricing. None of the pricing is random, and thinking that way would be foolish and simplistic.

Interesting to see how the price develops in the US vs the EU. So the actual final bulk discounts are:

  • UK. £222 -> £170 which is 23.5% off
  • USA. $324-> $255 which is 21.3% off ($255 = £193.56)
  • EU. €318 -> €262 which is 17.3% off (€262 = £227.23)

Huel hates EU confirmed here first.


Don’t worry, they hate the Swedes even more


I realise you’re joking here, but that’s not fair. Clearly we don’t hate the EU. You don’t know how this cost is calculated. It doesn’t seem surprising that as the complexity of fulfilling within the country increases (USA huge; Europe huge and many different countries with different rules) the discount is reduced.

I’m not saying this is exactly the reasons, but jumping straight to the conclusion it’s totally unfair due to some unfounded prejudice you might think we have is not right when you have no idea of the bigger picture.


Sorry, I was meaning to be completely ironical, although without having access to my brain no one could know that.

I honestly approached this as an interesting fact without really giving second thoughts to it.

I know that there are other complex factors as you state.

I am sorry for that.

EDIT1: I also come from a gaming background where EU>NA and NA>EU is a constant meme/joke.


Just seen this thread - may be better posted here Comprehensive RTD Review by LatestFuels


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@g1bsHu3lpl0x your remark to Ploschi is disgusting :unamused:


I think not caring about the environment is disgusting


Yes but you can disagree with someone without resorting to that.


Leave @g1bsHu3lpl0x alone…they are just getting used to life here. :stuck_out_tongue:


I was helping them to do just that :crazy_face:


As you were then. Manners maketh the man we would hope.