Huel Ready-to-drink is here …


Has anyone else found lumps in their RTD? I was onto approx. my 7th bottle of Vanilla yesterday, and there were a couple of grain-of-rice-size white lumps. Somewhere between, let’s say… cooked rice and coconut flesh in texture. Since the wider texture is extremely smooth, it was slightly offputting. Should I be concerned?

More widely I’m pretty impressed by my test drive so far, although I won’t be making a habit of RTD due to my major concerns about single-use plastic (yes, I’ve read the justifications, and sort of understand, but am still disappointed Huel feel things have to head in this direction. ‘One step back’ is a bit of a trivialisation of an industrial-scale new source of non-biodegradable waste with a whisper of a hope of being recycled).


It’s an absolute cringe to see all the negativity around this.

Huel is a company that’s on the verge of turning the whole food industry upside down and if you stop to think about it - that’s pretty huge. And you complain about plastic bottles?

Tip 1: don’t buy them if you don’t like them.

Tip 2: buy the powder instead.

So, to all you haters - feel free to start a company like Huel, that’s actually DOING something to change the world, instead of just complaining. Or maybe focus your negativity towards one of the other million companies out there that does fuck all for the planet.


Not lumps per se but sometimes I get little bits of what seems to be dried shake, it feels a bit like the crystallised bits you can find in honey. Mostly get these when I lick the lid unsurprisingly


I just found that the RTD version has Tapioca Starch which has a very high Glucemic Index of 85. Could you tell the amount of tapioca starch that it has?

I really feel that the RTD kicks into the body faster, but I dont like high GI


By the way. The berry flavour is awesome is very soft and subtle. But also reminds me to some shakes for the elderly people like “Ensure” when the lose weight. It has the same flavour. Also the Actimel (Spain) has a very similar flavour. Great work.

How is possible that the RTD berry tastes much better than the RTD version? Day and Night


This is just based on the product page, but it says the end product RTD has a GI as low as 25,
which is even lower than the powdered Huel (GI 27).


Thanks, solved it! Didnt check that part.

I still want to know why they chose the Tapioca starch, I guess it has a low amount in the bottle


Why do you want the reasoning behind that decision? I’m sure it’s there for a valid reason.


More info from @JamesCollier in this thread:

Maltodextrin in new US versions of powder and RTD products


The GI of Huel RTD is low at 25

See more here


Because tapioca starch it’s soluble. Oats aren’t. We tried oats first - it was a congealed sludge and not nice.


Good job now when is that Kuel coming? :wink: (keto huel)

Edit: Hueto?
Or Huel Zero?
Huel Slow Carb…

I’ll show myself out


I personally don’t think we’ll ever see a Keto Huel. Maybe a lower carb Huel, but certainly not a Keto Huel. It’s not really the target market. Some people already think Huel is a weight loss product and that would only add to that confusion.


All food can be a weight loss product :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Have you tried Joe’s Ketogenesis?






I have yes, will buy some once I run out of Huel (14 bags to go) it’s great too, but would be nice nonthelesss if Huel also did a version of it


@TimOfficialHuel any chance for samples mate? I would like to try them both, but I can’t put that money in as a student and order 24 bottles. It would be lovely if possible


Julian did say in this thread they are planning to add the ability to add individual products to orders:

Can’t see anything coming in before that.


Thanks coup. That’s nice, will definately try them once that’s implemented