Samples of new products

Is there no way to get single portions of new products like the hot savoury meals, so they can be tried without committing to an entire bag?

no - single item purchase is the minimum when you add them to your existing order/subscription.

This question has been asked, and answered, so many times. Perhaps should be called samplegate.

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You would have thought they would have some type of 1 portion offering you could order to Try without committing to so much.

Do Huel staff watch this forum or is there another mechanism to talk to them via?

They read the forum but don’t think they are planning on single serve options. They actually did them a few years ago but often 1 serve isn’t enough to get an ideal feel for the product. It took me a few attempts to get it how I liked it.

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Hey Matt, yup we’re here and join in conversations on the forum daily. We talk about samples a fair amount, do use the search bar top right and you can find a number of conversations we’ve had about samples.

In short we do not offer samples. Products like Bars and RTD which are in single serving packages are easy for us to offer samples and you can add one or more on to an existing order at checkout or within your account area. We aren’t looking to introduce single serving portions of H&S, Black Edition or v3.0. Huel isn’t something people generally try once and love it straight away, it’s something that needs to be built into people’s routines to find the full benefit of Huel. It’s also not that simple to make Huel first time, although we work very hard to make it simpler. So even 3 single serve samples hasn’t in the past helped.

I hope that makes sense, although I realise it doesn’t help you out. Fire back any questions, or search the old threads for more info!

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Hi Tim,

Thank you for taking the time to reply to me.

I am by no means asking for free handouts. Even if you were to offer a sample range of 1-2 helpings of multiple products in 1 package for sale this would be good to see.

I got into Huel by ordering 1 portion to try then committed to an entire bag. I just dont like the idea on spending so much on so many meals at once not knowing if it will or wont work for me. a multipack of most of the range would be nice to see so i can buy a small amount of everything to see what works and what doesnt.

I would love to try the new hot savoury range i just do not want to commit to a bag of each without trying 1st.

How did you get into huel by ordering a single portion, out of curiosity?

Got to be honest, if I’d not invested in a couple of bags and thus made to give it more than one go there is no way I’d have been using it so regularly lol.

First time I tried (Black edition vanilla) I was like “ewwww”. Took some advice and suggestions and a couple of months before I gave it a fair go and now I find myself accidentally going 100% huel even when I’m on a “normal food” week just because a) it’s so good and b) it’s so bloody easy and convenient!

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P.s. it’s actually three bags minimum I think on H&S - in my opinion ignore the tomatoe thing and just get the curry. Mmmmm curry…

IIRC back in the day Huel did sell 100g sample portions.

Yes they did. I found them quite useful.

Oh cool, I did not know that.

Yep, right back at the beginning i was able to order samples which lead to be starting to use Huel

years ago now…

It is such a shame, I can’t even order 1 bag added on to my normal power order. I have to order at least 3 bags of the range.

Can this be changed to mix with other ranges? Or even pay for posting if the reason is financial?

you can add a single bag at checkout.

You can add a single pouch. You’ll get a pop up when you go to your basket.

If you don’t then just scroll down and select ‘Add Products’

Any problems then let me know!

Thanks for the info. I will add them on next time i place and order.

Im hoping one day you consider a limited run of smaller portions for new products :slight_smile:

If anyone’s in the Derby area and wants a sample of the H&S herb/tomato flavour, then I don’t mind selling a pack! I travel a lot so if I’m in your area I could possibly deliver, but possibly not after Thursday’s lockdown.

I noticed that the ecomms team on Linkedin have made a post saying they have now added the samples function for adding to orders or subscriptions plus a new live store locator tool - haven’t checked yet as I’m not due to order anything for a couple of weeks yet.

When ordering Black Edition it is possible to add a single bag of regular v3 … but it would be great if it was also possible to add a single bag of gluten-free v3…why is that not possible at the moment? Can you make it possible? Would be great…thanks in advance!