RTD Vanilla..Horrible experience

I had my first RTD Vanilla this evening, and I found it really horrible and almost made me gag, I really struggled to drink it. I love the vanilla powder, but I usually blend this with a banana or some other fruit, and its definitely not as sweet, I am so disappointed as I am going on holiday in a few days and was going to use the RTD, not to mention the expense of buying these. I will be trying the Berry RTD tomorrow and I’m hoping this will be nicer.

My question is, can I add one of the flavour mixes to the vanilla RTD, if so how much ?. I’m hoping a flavour added may make it more palatable.

I found that melting/dissolving some cacao powder into a little warm water, and adding that to the vanilla RTD plus some peppermint essence, worked quite well. I also added some mint choc flavour boost.

The berry is much nicer but also much sweeter. I needed to add cacao to this one as well - and quite enjoyed it then.

Thank you, but whilst away that will be hard. I didnt know if the flavour boosts worked ?

Yeah it’s a pain.
I had to take a small pot of pre-dissolved cacao in my rucksack along with the berry RTD when I went on a hike. Not ideal. But it worked.

The vanilla RTD was much harder to flavour. Like you i thought it was really disgusting.
First I added 3tsps cacao. Still bad.
Then I added peppermint oil. Better.
Then I added a tsp of the flavour boost (which is what your asking about)
I then necked it in one and it was ok.
I can’t really say how well it dissolved because of everything else I’d added and how fast I drunk it :laughing: not wanting to waste.

The flavour boost did seem to mix in ok.
But other people have commented that adding powder boosts didn’t work well as it didn’t dissolve. If you are able to mix the flavour boost into a little bit of water first then add it, it would be fine.

Flavour drops are an option.
I have some in my cupboard: mint, hazelnut, cherry etc
Only trouble is, that’s adding even more sweetness.

Instant coffee and or cacao are the only things that will reduce the sweetness. If you don’t mind the sweetness and just need flavour, try flavour drops.

Coffee would actually probably work really well in vanilla RTD and is easily available anywhere you go.
I only had one bottle of vanilla to try (and won’t be getting more!) so I can’t test it for you.
Worth trying tho I reckon

Thanks again. Where do you buy flavour drops. ? I may try adding some pre made coffee espresso to one and see, but thats not really an option unless I take some pre made coffee espresso shots in a little container. Yes the sweetness is an issue too. I wont be in a hurry to buy again sadly. I go away in a caravan and I thought these would be so easy and convenient too. You live and learn, but a very expensive mistake.

Worse case scenario is, I’ll mix fruit and banana in with them and use the vanilla at home, rather than waste it.

I got my flavour drops from MyProtein but if you do a search of the forum “flavour drops” you’ll see lots of others’ suggestions.
I hear ‘Uncle Roy’s’ mentioned quite a lot.
I think @hunzas and @Africorn use flavour drops (?) they might be able to suggest some good ones.
I haven’t used mine much. The hazelnut was nice.

As for adding coffee - try just adding instant coffee. Personally i use Nescafé espresso instant coffee. It comes as a fine powder and dissolves straight into the RTD, no need to make it into a coffee drink first, just chuck a tsp in the bottle !

Send to Spain the Vainilla RTD you dont want! I love it!

Sorry to hear that the Vanilla wasn’t for you :frowning: it’s definitely a little different to the taste of our Vanilla Powder. I think adding Flavour Boosts to the RTD will be tricky, I’ve not tried but have tried adding them to my Huel Powder after blending it and the flavouring just clumped. @ChristinaT’s tip of dissolving in water first is a really nifty one.

That’s my plan.
I’ve actually made up two shot of espresso and added it. I will try it at lunch and see if I can drink it.

I would if I could. I hate it. In fact it made me feel yuk all evening.

Yep I use them, they are good. Peanut butter, choc peanut butter, white chocolate and mocha all work well for me in Huel.

I am actually waiting for my delivery of TRKG flavour syrups as mentioned by @JJMC a couple days ago. They should have turned up this morning but they were sent by ParcelForce who of course f***ed up the delivery despite me giving comprehensive instructions on how not to f*** it up.

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Well I tried my espresso in the vanilla, and I managed half the bottle before gagging. Had to throw the rest away and it’s left a horrible after taste. Sadly not looking forward to trying anymore. Tomorrow I’ll try the berry. Let’s hope that’s ok.
I’ll order some flavour drops but sadly they won’t be here in time for trip away.

I was hoping that maybe a supermarket may sell some

Supermarkets do sell flavourings for cakes etc…and many of them do work in Huel. Morrisons have a salted caramel one that is nice in vanilla Huel, and a peppermint one that works well in chocolate Huel.

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I’m starting to seriously think there must be an issue with my palate or I’m just incredibly easily pleased. My palate can’t be entirely broken as I’m able to differentiate between all the flavours I’ve tried and honestly I’ve bloody loved them all. I have a vanilla RTD for lunch every day which I still enjoy after 4 months. Powders I’ve tried are new vanilla, mint choc and choc and I’ve had a few boxes of flavour boosts so I’ve had various weird and wonderful flavour combinations and again, all delicious. I guess it’s good for me though!


I tries the vanilla rtd and it was minging however never had the wind or poo issues like do with powdered stuff!

That’s interesting. Amazing how many people dislike the vanilla. I’m going to try it blended with fruit. If I still hate it , I’ll try an sell the remaining bottles somehow

I’ve decided that every Huel product is like marmite. You either love one or hate it depending on what kind of taste buds you have.
I love UU powder, mint-choc powder, and v2 bars.
And don’t like any of the other products unless I mix them a lot with other stuff.
Vanilla powder and vanilla RTD and berry powder are unmodifiable and too disgusting :laughing: in my opinion lol.
I see lots of people with the exact opposite tastes however.
There’s definitely genetic differences between us all and what our taste-buds think is sweet or bitter, nice or nasty !!

I love the vanilla powder which is why I thought I’d love the Vanilla RTD
Just goes to show

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I am not so keen on either the Vanilla pre mix’s but I do like the Vanilla RTD, such is life yes where all different. I like Coleman’s English Mustard but many people don’t plus I hate Tomatoes, Gurkins, Raisins when some love them.