Sweetness of Huel RTD

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I have been a Huel user for about a month now in an attempt to gain weight. To do this I have been regularly using Powder v3.1 (Vanilla, Mint Chocolate and Berry) before bed as an easy way to get extra calories in. However recently I have been travelling and was running low on powder for my pre-bed shake so thought I’d pick up one of the RTD’s to try. I bought a Cinnamon Swirl v2.0 RTD as I am usually a fan of cinnamon flavour things, though while the smoother texture was appreciated the sweetness was almost unbearable. While I must confess I understand that the v2.0 is naturally sweetened whereas my regular powders are sweetened using sucralose, I didn’t think for a second that the sweetness would be quite so apparent, granted it wasn’t the artificial sweetness I had become used to (especially in Berry Powder v3.1).

My question is, is this a sweetener problem or a taste preference thing? If I wanted to start using Huel Black (which also omits sucralose in favour of natural sweeteners) would I find it to have the same level of sweetness? Or did I just happen to pick up one of the sweeter tasting RTD’s and should give them another try?

All thoughts would be most appreciated :wink:

(P.S) having almost finished my Powder v3.1 bags does anyone have any suggestions for other flavours to try?

I think it’s definitely an individuality thing and your taste experience. I find the RTD’s to be less sweet than powders but with a more pronounced flavour (Cinnamon Swirl is my favourite as the flavour is much punchier than the powder) – but many are the opposite. The only RTD I’ve had where ive found it to be a little too sweet was the strawberries and cream.

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I think cinnamon is one of the sweeter RTD’s. I don’t find vanilla overly sweet so you could try that next as a baseline.

If you are finding the powder too sweet you can mix it with unflavoured / unsweetened. A lot of people do a 50/50 ratio to tone down the sweetness.

Thanks so much, I’ll pick up a RTD vanilla to try and I’ll let you know how I find it.

I don’t really find the powder too sweet, but then again, I blend it with ice and leave it in the fridge for 2-3 hours which makes it much thicker and I have found it tones down the sweetness a bit.

Is the cinnamon powder just as sweet as the RTD? Or is it just a bit more of an artificially sweetened flavour?

One more question, what is the best way to serve RTD? I don’t have a fridge with me so can’t make it as thick as I usually like my powder. Would serving it with some ice be better than dipping but lukewarm from the bottle?

I’ve never tried the cinnamon powder so I can’t help you there. The powder and RTD are entirely different products though made with different ingredients and as you’ve discovered a completely different thickness and texture profile, so trying to directly compare one to the other doesn’t really work. Newer Huel users assume the RTD is just a ready-made powder in a bottle but it isn’t.

The best way to serve RTD is chilled. If you have access to ice, can you put some ice into a >500ml reusable bottle and then dump the RTD into the bottle with the ice and chill it that way?


We would recommend keeping your RTD stored at room temperature or in the fridge. For consumption we always recommend refrigerated as we think this tastes best, however, the choice is up to you! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi All!
Thank you so much for your suggestions. I asked the hotel for an ice bucket and was able to cool down my banana v1.0 RTD and it was much better and far less sweet than the Cinnamon v2.0 RTD. It was creamy in a way I have never experienced with Huel (then again I’m used to the thick texture of powder) and was certainly thicker after chilling for an hour or so.

I’m still wondering if the sensation of lower sweetness could be because v2.0 uses natural sweeteners and v1.0 uses artificial sweeteners? I will experiment with other flavours of v1.0 and v2.0 and report my findings on this thread.

Any Powder v3.1 suggestions? I need to put an order it for when I return home :slight_smile:

Oops, forgot to mention only picked up a banana one because the others were out of stock at my nearest Tesco. Currently £3 with a clubcard!

You could also prevent running out of the powder - in the beginning I found this difficult, too, but after a while it is easier. The RTDs also require some planning if you don’t want to run out of it, and they are less convenient for travelling due to their higher weight.

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