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Hi! I recently bought 3 bags of huel hot and savory and selected one bag of chocolate huel black and one of each flavors of the ready to drink to add to my order as “samples”. I was super excited to start using huel, however, when I opened the bag of chocolate Huel black I immediately began gagging uncontrollably at the smell. I decided to give it a go anyway and mixed my huel according to directions and I just cannot get past the scent and flavor. I actually like the ready to drinks though so I am wondering if either the berry or vanilla Huel black mix taste similar to the RTD? I do not want to buy more RTD because I do not consume artificial flavoring and it seems counterintuitive to start incorporating them into my regular diet when I am using huel to be healthier.

all of the Huel products contain natural flavourings.

that one seems to be the most divisive taste of all their products.

there isn’t a Berry black yet and the Vanilla flavour is now on 1.1 so is a little sweeter than previous versions. Generally powders will not taste exactly the same as RTD’s as both products have different ingredients and the RTD’s are blended at very high speeds which also gives a different taste and texture experience.

If you are wanting your powder experience to be anything like the RTD you will have to use a high power domestic blender (at least 12-1500W) and then leave it in the fridge a while for all the air to dissipate and the powder be fully absorbed.

instant addition to caramel

The RTD actually do contain artificial flavoring unfortunately. I do have a blender but the issue isn’t with the texture of the huel black, the issue is the scent and flavor. I don’t mind if it’s lumpy but the Huel black is one of the grossest things I have ever had the displeasure of tasting. I also do not consume sucralose so the huel black is the only option for me. Thank you for the suggestions.

I dont see them in the ingredients or the comparison chart - do you know which ones they are?

the flavour does also mellow out when blended and left standing in the fridge. in addition to that, to get through the bag and avoid waste, you could also try adding other things to mellow the taste - vanilla extract is used all the time in the confectionery business to smoothen out chocolate taste. you could also try adding a little prune or beetroot juice or some chopped banana or peanut butter in the blender - anything normally seen as complimentary to chocolate tastes.

there is also the option of UU v3 and adding your own flavours such as cacao, as well as bars and hot and savoury.

I’m wondering if the RTD that I have contain artificial flavoring because I am in America. The chart you are showing is not from the American website but it says tight on the front of the bottles that I have “naturally and artificially flavored”

hmm could be - this is from the main UK website. @Tim_Huel could you shed any light on this?

Just opened a bag of the black chocolate flavour and it’s awful. It’s undrinkable.
No doubt the worse thing i already drank.

The Dark Powder Salted Caramel is very good although. By far the best Huel I tried so far.
(also tried the standard RTD: Vanilla and Chocolate which are edible).

The chocolate seriously is awful. Thank you for the tip. I think I’ll give the caramel a go before giving up on huel. I really want to be able to drink it!

Sucralose despite being derived from sugar is an artificial sweetener.

yeah it was the natural of artificial nature of the flavourings not the sweetener - the US products say they contain artificial flavours whereas the EU ones say natural.

Ah, I see…sorry I didn’t read the thread properly then. I just checked the US site and they say both natural and artificial flavors.

I am disappointed that Huel does not make it a standard for all of their products to use natural flavors.

Does anyone of you have CC in the evening? Did you notice any bad side effects of the caffeine? It contains a smaller amount than the corresponding flavour of white edition…

Hey there, so sorry you aren’t loving the Chocolate Black Edition, it’s changing over soon and perhaps the new one you will like. But as Phil and others have said, let’s get experimenting! There’s not just one way to have Huel, so be sure to add some extras and mix it up.

Regarding the difference in RTDs containing artificial or natural flavours. Both the UK and the USA RTD are identical, they are produced in the same facility to the same recipe. The difference is in labelling rules, the flavours we use in Ready-to-drink are natural. However, the sweetener we use in Ready-to-drink has to be labelled as an artificial flavour in the USA, whereas in the UK/EU it does not. Hence the difference.

They’re doing some work around this in the development team because it’s quite confusing. But for now, I guess your decision is are you ok with artificial sweeteners in your RTD? Or would you rather just stick with Black Edition and try out the Salted Caramel and a few of the flavour hacks that have already been shared?


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