New user - A hello and flavours

Hi all,

New Huel customer and forum user here. Trying to shift some pounds that have gathered over lockdown so decided to give this thing called Huel a go. I find it hard to managed my breakfast and lunch intake so hoping this puts me on the right path.

Just taken delivery of Black, Coffee and Caramel - Taking 1 scoop for breakfast. The flavour is bad. Artificial and massively sweet. Interested to hear what flavours are less sweet and more natural to other forum members. Texture isn’t an issue.

Also got some bags of the hot and savoury for lunches. The TGC is amazing, love it, would eat it with some black rice for dinner as well. Not a fan of the tomato but will persevere by adding some spices. I think it could be made better by having a touch of chili in it.

Hope you’re all good during this crazy time. Take care of yourselves.


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Hey Dave, welcome.

Can’t offer any sage advice on that flavour - I only use Black - Chocolate. Buuuuut… worth mentioning is that I never ever have it on its own. I always use either one of the flavour boosts or some random concoction of my own.

A good one I’ve found for breakfast Huel is when I add a spoon of instant coffee before blending. Or you could make a cup of actual black coffee, chill it and then go 50/50 water/coffee…

Hope that’s of some use :+1:t3:

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Dave, do you have the same “Artificial” reaction to diet coke etc? If so it may be that you are sensitive to the type of sweeteners used. In turn you would possibly be better getting the unflavoured/unsweetened version and adding your own flavours. You can return unopened packages for a full refund if done in a certain timescale.

Hope this helps.

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You mean sucralose? Black edition contains Stevia, so this shouldn’t be a problem. Maybe it was just this one flavour - have you tried other ones? Did you like them better?

I said “the type of sweeteners used”. My wife cannot stand the taste of any sweetener other than straight sugar, they all taste artificial/metallic to her.

I get this as well. The black coffee and caramel tastes so sweet it makes me wince :slight_smile:

I’m going to push on through with this one bag and get the unflavoured with the flavour packs.

Thanks for the welcome and advice all. Great community here.

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Hi you could try adding a scoop of unflavoured to the BE coffee caramel when you get it. I find its trial and error to get your favourites spot on. :blush:

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100% what @vsc said. Trial and error innit.

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