Flavour drama

Ok. So I am three weeks in, not quite up to 2 meals a day every day…some days it’s still just breakfast huel. I posted in my first week about hating huel completely but I have evolved (slightly) from that position.
So I ordered chocolate and new vanilla powder. I hated everything about vanilla and it’s chemically weird sweet aftertaste even after various flavour boosts, alternative liquid choices and amounts etc. So I cracked open the chocolate instead, it was better and kind of reminds me of mushed up digestive biscuits sitting at the bottom of a glass of milk. I have discovered this non chocolate tasting powder is perfectly drinkable with 2 scoops mixed with half water half semi skimmed milk with added flavours of either mint choc, banana or chai latte powder. That’s it… From all of the combinations I have tried, those three are the only ones I have finished. Everything else has made me gag or grimace and half has gone down the drain, probably clogging up the plumbing and creating an expensive problem down the line…

Any other ideas? Maybe something to include with new vanilla so I don’t waste the whole bag?

I am determined to continue as I have an awful diet and even these small changes so far have made a difference.


If your having it for breakfast you could try putting coffee granules in.

How about two scoops of chocolate and half a scoop of vanilla? The chocolate would mask it and you’d use it up eventually.

I agree with both the above suggestions.
I also hated the weird sweet toffee flavoured ‘vanilla’ but found instant coffee granules made it actually really quite pleasant - it becomes kinda like a caramel latte. Adding cacao as well further reduced the sweetness and kinda made a mocha flavour.

Ultimately though, the only way I eventually finished off the bag was by mixing it half a scoop at a time into other flavours.

You could try buying a bag of Unflavoured and mix it 50/50 with the vanilla - unflavoured is always handy to have as it reduces the sweetness of any other flavours you have but find too sweet.

You’ve found a way to enjoy the chocolate… I think a lot of people found that adding milk of one variety or another improved it massively.
Also adding cacao powder makes it nicer, in my opinion.

Refrigerating overnight is really important for all the flavours but in particular Vanilla as letting it soak a while seems to mellow out the sweetness / artificial taste quite a lot.

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Hi guys, thanks for the tips. I have tried coffee, but I will maybe try adding some cocoa as well. I already refrigerate overnight and it does definitely improve the texture.
But yeah, I think you are right I will prob have to mix it in with other powders to finish it.
How does it compare to original vanilla? I’m not sure I could cope with uu!

Original vanilla is very different from new vanilla. It has a more neutral flavour - kind of like cheap ‘vanilla’ ice cream.
It’s very sweet - the sucralose taste is pretty pronounced !!!
But it doesn’t have that intense sickly toffeeish taste of new vanilla.

Personally I prefer original, and the flavour boosts work better with it. I have to mix it with UU tho or it’s way too sweet.

You could also try putting in some protein powder, although most of those tend to be sweet so that might not necessarily help - but it might mask/dampen down the taste of vanilla.

Agree with the UU suggestion as a base to mix in unwanted flavours, too. That’ll certainly take the edge off some of the sweeter flavours.

Maybe you’re making it way too thick? I wouldn’t be worried about Huel clogging the drain because mine is usually very runny. Thick Huel tastes a lot stronger and is harder to get down the throat if you’re not enjoying it

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I agree with the suggestions to mix the chocolate and vanilla, it will help tone down the flavour. I felt the same about new vanilla when I tried it, so mixed with original (chocolate wasn’t around then). The other way I got through the bag was by blending in a ripe banana or coffee granules, or even both. I like original, it’s the one I consistently order because I can play around with the flavouring more easily.