Taste samples. How do you use it?


I tried my first Huel the other day (vanilla, no extra flavors) and it was fine (I’ve used some Queal before).

Yesterday I tried to add the strawberry sample and it was horrible. I had to throw away 25% of my meal :slight_smile: It has a very odd after taste that lasted for hours and I can’t quite put my finger on how it tasted (perhaps just too sweet?).

Does anyone have any ideas on how to make it better? Are some of the other flavors better? Should I use less than the full sample pack perhaps? I did 500ml water, 115g of Huel (3 scoops) and one full sample pack of strawberry.

Any thoughts?

A serving of the flavours is half a teaspoon per 100g but some sweet ones like strawberry you might need a bit less.

Sorry to hear you aren’t a fan of the Strawberry flavour, could I ask when you placed your order for the Strawberry? An order number would be great.

The other flavours are great! Matcha Tea is my favourite, followed by Cacao and then maybe Toffee!

I ordered on Jan 14. Also, note that I ordered the sample flavor pack and not strawberry specifically. Order nr: 279654

And no worries, the point of the sample pack is to find out what you may or may not like, right? :slight_smile:

Eating Chocolate right now and it was much better. Though a bit sweet too. I’ll try to add less flavor next time :slight_smile:

I didn’t like strawberry or banana either. I found them sickly, even though I have a bit of a sweet tooth!

Strawberry tasted like those cheap milkshakes you get at newsagents for 39p. Also quite weak to the point where I’d forgotten I’d put it in until I was wondering what tasted different about my drink that day.

I don’t think it’s bad, I just wouldn’t buy it again. I’m working my way through the flavour packs too, doing lucky dips!