Flavour boosts changes

Can’t believe they have pulled the matcha flavour boost, unbelievable. The one good that came with health benefits. Clearly huel are more interested in profit than being healthy now. They claim they reduced the price but only at the expense of a 1/3 in size reduction on the contents. How can we get the matcha flavour back. I only hope it will come back at some point but for now it’s so disappointing they have done this.


You can buy real matcha powder to mix in with Huel. You need a lot of it to get the same intensity of flavour in comparison to the fb though. I’m also surprised this one has been pulled. It was a nice refreshing alternative to all the sweet flavours.

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I have tried it with real matcha before was not the same, going to have to try it with adding in sweetener, see if I can get a close match that way. Luckily just got a new bag of it recently, so got a while before I will have to try it that way.

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Yes I agree - the boost gave a great flavour that can’t be achieved with straight matcha powder.
Same with cacao. Cacao in Huel is great, but the cacao fb is a whole ‘nother level of flavour.
I like the idea of having some new flavour boosts but it’s a shame they take away some old favourites. The only ones I’m not sad to lose are strawberry and toffee.

I guess it’s mixing up flavours for people you like to change it about. Giving them new different ones to try. I agree tho, why lose great flavours for this. For me, I didn’t buy it for being different flavours, I like the health benefits of matcha. It’s the only one I buy.

When does matcha officially go?

Not really sure. They are all still for sale for now. Stock up on your favourites!!! They last ages. It’s only flavourings and sweeteners - can’t really go off

Tomorrow they launch the new ones, so I’m guessing matcha will be removed when they launch.

To be honest with adding such a small amount of the flavour boost and percentage of that being matcha tea, you can question the health benefits. I used to have it and it’s there for the taste not the health benefits.

Huel is, and always will be, nutrition first. The price per gram remains the same. The size of the pouch has reduced by a third and so has the price. This is because we had feedback that the pouches were taking ages to finish so we listened.

I’m sorry that your favourite flavour has gone! It may come back new and improved in the future but for now there are some new flavours coming which you may love.


Do you roughly know what percentage was matcha out of a 2g teaspoon. I will try real matcha instead with it removed. I.e Will half a teaspoon of matcha powder be equivalent to a teaspoon of flavour boost matcha.

I found the problem with real matcha was the flavour was quite weak in the Huel, even when adding 2 heaped tsps. The advantage of using real matcha powder is the greater health benefits. But you won’t achieve the same flavour as with the boost. Maybe adding a little natural sweetener will help bring out the flavour (I’ve not tried this, but it’s worth a shot).

But as you said you’re using the matcha for the health benefits not the flavour, maybe the weaker flavour will not bother you. You will get much better health benefits from using pure matcha powder. I would use a couple of tsps as a starting point and then adjust it depending on taste and caffeine hit !


Roughly that should work. I would add a touch of sugar or sweetener like Christina suggested which should help too.

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Do you think matcha would sell better in the smaller bags as it would be cheaper?

Clinging on to some faint hope it will be brought back. Breakfast won’t be the same😔

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It probably would Ashley. However, the popularity of the flavour boosts were compared to one another, there wasn’t a particular sales target that needed to be met. So, even with smaller bags matcha would still be one of the least popular flavours and the decision would be the same.

I loved matcha (tried it a couple of times from the flavour pack) but the reason I didn’t buy a big package was because of the steep price in comparison to other flavours. I’m going to try to make Matcha tea and the mix vanilla premix with that.

I never liked matcha at all. That and strawberry got a big thumbs down from me.

I thought matcha was lovely. I never did buy it tho. Not sure why. That’s the trouble with having so much choice of flavours - it’s not possible to buy everything regularly !
I’ve been Huelling one year and still haven’t tried every premix flavour or bar flavour yet, never mind every boost flavour too

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Matcha was one of my favourites too - I bought a sachet 1-2 years ago but still haven’t finished it.

I’ve got about 6 different boosters plus 3-4 premixes on rotation all the time so I’ve never actually managed to finish a booster before!! I even still have the elusive mince pie booster from years ago…(which I also love).

I usually drink 1-2 Huel shakes a day but if I use a booster it’s normally only 1/4 to 1/2 a tsp (so at most 1.5g).

I think the new smaller packages are definitely a step in the right direction.

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Yeah fair enough. Thank you for the response👍