Matcha was great

I don’t know about u guys, but for me the matcha flavour was the best u got.
I find it terrible to see it go…

anybody got an idea how to replace or where to find the exact same flavour to add to my Huel?



I also think it’s a shame it’s gone.
I think the less ‘classic’ flavours were the best: matcha, cacao, pineapple&coconut, caramel.

I wouldn’t have minded strawberry and chocolate being withdrawn!

I’m kinda hoping they decide to bring them back one day…

I do add real matcha powder to my Huel but it has more caffeine and a less intense flavour, once mixed with Huel. In my opinion the flavour boost worked better.

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Yep, in my opinion too, I also bought ‘real’ matcha powder but it is not even close to the intens Flavour of Huel Flavour Boost


I also liked the Matcha but I don’t think there is a suitable replacement. Unlike toffee or pineapple&coconut which could be substituted for flav drops.

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I’m still finishing my bag of matcha FB. I really love it!! It seemed to be the only FB with umami accents too. I’ll try combining matcha powder and xylitol after I finish this but I’m afraid that won’t mix well and I’m sad it won’t be available any more. I don’t care much for most of the other flavor boosts.

depends which powder you bought - powder intended for regular beverage use is much less intense than what is regarded as lower or ‘kitchen’ grade powder designed for baking as its flavour is much stronger. As this is a former hipster favourite fashion food - there are literally dozens of different grades and intensities.

Meiko Uji Matcha from Kyoto maybe your best shot as its 100% pure/zero additive powder with a much stronger taste and is regarded as one of the better grades of ‘kitchen’ matcha for its stronger flavour and is sterilised so can be used without being heated.

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Has anyone ever tried making Huel with brewed (and cooled) Matcha tea?

Yes, worked quite well for me and very much down to the grade of Matcha.

I’ve done the same with several other tea infusions (better half worked in a fresh tea brewery), green working better than black. Russian Caravan for example was a dissapointment.

Just be aware of the caffiene load from Matcha.