Matcha Hueler

Hello, dear Huelers!
To give some alternatives to my Huel, I bought some matcha powder.
I was wondering, do any of you use it regularly with Huel? How?

I wondered if it was necessary to proceed with the traditional preparation (dissolving 2 grams of matcha in almost boiling water, let it cool and then add to Huel) or if it was fine if I wanted to melt it automatically at the end adding it like cocoa or cinnamon.

I preferred to buy the original instead of using the corresponding flavour boost.

Thank you so much in advance for any experience you want to share!

I bought some Matcha teabags but sadly was not instantly captivated. Doubt I will be trying matcha fb anytime soon. Hope you enjoy it @Raffaele and look forward to hearing what you think.


Hey! I’m quite a fan of matcha; the matcha flavour boosts are like sweet matcha with a hint of a milky-taste.

I have yet to try it with raw matcha powder, although I’d guess that, like coffee, the taste may be stronger if you brew it with boiling water first. Let me know how it goes for you! :smiley:


Ditto, I use the Matcha FS as my main flavour but it is sweet, especially when mixed with Vanilla. I prefer the sweeter flavours though. I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts!

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@Bee @jeffy89 @JayDog thanks a lot for your answers!
I am quite worried because I think the matcha does not melt shaking normally so I will try to add the powder only with a blender (in the coming days).

Tomorrow I’m pretty indecisive, I think I’ll try to melt it with semi-boiling water tonight and take it to work tomorrow with the liquid or using the instant coffee that I had bought.

I can’t even prepare Huel at home the night before as I would like because I have the bags in the locker at work but soon the new order should arrive and I’ll start using the blender and I’ll update you on the experiments (because I usually combine UU with vanilla, both old what a new :slight_smile:

Matcha doesn’t really dissolve anyway, does it? It’s just finely ground tea leaves so you normally whisk it up in hot water and it goes into suspension, rather like Huel.

So shaking Matcha powder together with the Huel would seem to be a perfectly good way of doing it. It certainly works with the Matcha flavour boost, which I believe does contain some real Matcha.


Real Matcha powder user here. I just put a teaspoon in my morning Huel shake instead of coffee and it gives a similar effect, makes me feel wide-awake and hyper focused.


Thank you so much for your reply!
Sorry if I’m asking you, Isn’t it too much to add a teaspoon? On my package, it is written that 3gr is enough for a cup of matcha (and they are approximately less than half a teaspoon).
I will start from half of a teaspoon for 500ml of liquid, I’m happy to have had your answer because I had doubts about whether it went loose like you do or let it dissolve in boiling water and then cool it down. Have you ever tried the second way?

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Yeah, I started using 3 grams but I lost my little 3gr scoop so I now use a teaspoon instead. I don’t drink tea or coffee during the day so I figure 5-6 grams is probably alright but you might want to see how you go, depending on how sensitive you are to caffeine.

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I use the matcha flavour boost from Huel, and even though I love Vanilla Huel and am not a fan of Original, in this case, only Original works. The new Vanilla is too sweet/strong a flavour for the matcha flavour boost, unless you add loads, then it ends up being too sweet. The Original flavour complements the match FS perfectly though. Maybe I need some “plain” matcha powder for the Vanilla Huel

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I have used like 4 grams (like a teaspoon) with the new Vanilla and it tastes too sweet for me!
Tomorrow will be my first Huel prepared a night before and then stored in the fridge (with instant coffee) so I’ll update the thread as soon as I will retry with real matcha!

Instant coffee in Vanilla is delicious

Matcha in Vanilla just doesn’t work in my opinion (let me know what you think)

Matcha goes really well in Original if you like it sweet, and also Unflavored if you like it unsweetened.
I think the reason it doesn’t work in Vanilla is because of the strong toffee-like flavouring which really doesn’t go well with matcha.


It is in the fridge right now for tomorrow!

Totally agree, I have tried it today and it was just “mmmmmhhhh naaahh…”

I think I get what you mean, but the fact is that I don’t want to add too much matcha at one time in the morning.

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I weigh out 5g of Matcha Powder and add this to OV flavour to my 3 scoop shake at lunchtime.
I usually have an additional 2 x 250ml American daily and no adverse effects.
Caveat, I’m ‘caffeine tolerant’ and very active.

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This is my main Huel! I do have a sweet tooth though.

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Have you tried the Matcha FS with original? brings out the matcha flavour more imo if you like that!!
(but yes I totally feel you on the sweet tooth, sometimes I add more FS than recommended :smirk: #livinglifeontheedge)

I added a box of flavour boost samples to my latest order. Arrived today. Specifically so I can try the matcha boost (threw my last sample away as I didn’t fancy it).
No way am I trying it with all Original as it would be far too sweet for me. Will go 75g/25g UU/Original when it will hopefully be ok. I’d better like it! :face_with_raised_eyebrow::grin:

Yeah, I gave original a go and it was still good but vanilla matcha is just perfect for me! :ok_hand:t2: I think I might give the extra flavour a go too!! :face_with_monocle::yum:

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I will start reporting this Matcha experiment from Monday! First try was a little bit “mmmmh” with 80gr of Original and 4gr of Matcha powder.

Although my 25g Original/75g UU and 2g sample of Matcha was ok, I’m afraid I have not been tempted to pay out £11.50 for a full pouch of Matcha any time soon. Ah well, worth a try.