Matcha Huel, anybody?

Anybody else travelled in East Asia, and become addicted to the matcha products that are ubiquitous out there? Yesterday morning I had the bright idea of trying to combine matcha and Huel to make an energizing green breakfast!

Inspired by Huel’s own suggestion of pouring a shot of coffee into your morning Huel, I decided to do the same, but with matcha instead of coffee. I did it by whisking one heaped teaspoon of matcha powder into 100ml freshly boiled (but not boiling) water, and then adding it to vanilla Huel made with 200ml water in my trusty shaker and shaking it all up together for good measure.

I was pleased by the result - it’s not dead sweet like a matcha latte or bubble tea, but it had that lovely vanilla-matcha taste without too much of the bitterness you can get using matcha at home. I had to share! :smile:


Very interesting, I’ve been wanting to try this out for a while as I’m a huge matcha fan. Hope it’s worth the price!

I add 2g of organic matcha powder to my Huel Vanilla mix and leave overnight in the fridge. I also occasionally add 3-5g of spirulina. It’s one hell of a green colour but tastes so good.

I shall have to try your method to see if it’s any better flavour-wise for being left longer :smiley: