Delicious chocolate orange!

Okay, so after trying a couple of different ways to flavour my Huel, I decided to try something that someone suggested earlier.

Cocoa + orange extract. Amazing. I tried just the cocoa alone previously, which was nice but not as nice as with the orange extract. This is with vanilla Huel, by the way.

3 teaspoons cocoa
1 teaspoon orange extract

with 3 heaped scoops of Huel!


We have tried something very similar at Huel HQ and you are right this is amazing.

Also try the same but with mint extract instead. Choco mint heaven.

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Those both sound good. I prefer mint than orange though.

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Sounds delightful!
I have a plan to try matcha-powder too. I think it could be good.
Seems obvious. Maybe someone else already tried it?

A couple of others and I have tried matcha powder. I tried it with the Vanilla, and I remember it being a very mild but pleasant taste - probably just around a teaspoon (same amount Iā€™d use for the tea). Just maybe a bit expensive to use as an additive for Huel (for me anyway).